You came near my borders! >:(

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Hey Civ guys n ladies, 
I was wondering how many other people out there have been experiencing the same problem I have lately. It's that other NPC's get extremely pissed when you have too many units near their borders. I just had a moment that almost made me want to restart my game because of how things turned out. 
>The continent I am on include two other civilizations.
>Civ #1 and I form a pact to go against Civ #2. 
>Civ #1 and I trade, are happy with each other, great pals. 
>Civ #1 eventually lets me know, "Hey, in about 10 turns we need to wipe out Civ #2." 
>So I start building up a few more troops to get ready, meanwhile I'm scouting nearby Civ #1's borders simply because I have guys over there. 
>Suddenly: Civ #1 confronts me and is way uber pissed, "GET AWAY FROM MEH BORDERS GAGARHARHGAG" 
>Civ #1 is pissed beyond belief for no good reason, pretty much takes over Civ #2 by himself. 
>I try to help Civ #1 through invasion, but he's still pissed. 
>I donate gold towards a better friendship. 
>He's still pissed. 
>I'm scratching my head and want to start over. 
Any similar happenings with you guys? I love the idea, because it makes NPCs smarter, but I don't think this is how it was supposed to happen. 
Edit: Haha, I'm sleep deprived. (busy studying) -- I messed up which Civilizations I was talking about. It's fixed now. :)

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Who was the leader of Civ 2?

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@Dork_Metamorphosis:   Hiawatha (Civ #2) and Askia (Civ #1). 
Sorry, but I couldn't remember both of their names while typing this. Is Askia just a jerk? :)
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I don't have Civ 5 but I'm kinda interested in it. But what I gather from what you're saying is that....
-Form a pack with Civ 1 againts Civ 2,
-Civ 2 get pissed because you have a big army near his border(You have no pact with them so its normal no?)
-Civ 2 attack Civ 1 and you betray the pact you did with  Civ 1 by attacking them with Civ 2? 
What's is out of place here? I'm asking because I heard bad thing about the AI but in this example it seem pretty normal.

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I thought the title meant that this post would have something to do with semen.

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@Darklight said:  
I agree with darklight here. 
Maybe you mistyped in your original post, because what you described sounds normal, why wouldn't civ 2 be pissed? Your massing an army near their borders!
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@SSully said:
" @Darklight said:   I agree with darklight here.  Maybe you mistyped in your original post, because what you described sounds normal, why wouldn't civ 2 be pissed? Your massing an army near their borders! "
Kinda goes for rl too, if a country randomly started massing an army near another countries border I'm sure they would get somewhat annoyed/worryed.
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That ain't broken Ai, thats about the smartest AI possible. ok not really. But having a visible army right outside his borders ain't exactly a trojan horse no matter how much gold you give them to make it seem like everything is OK. 

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Go Civ. 2! Wait a second...

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@Slunks said:
" @Dork_Metamorphosis:   Hiawatha (Civ #2) and Askia (Civ #1).  Sorry, but I couldn't remember both of their names while typing this. Is Askia just a jerk? :) "
I haven't run into him yet, but some leaders are definitely far more aggressive that others.  They do have different "personalities".  For example, Montezuma is always going to be an ass, but you'd pretty much have to delete every military unit you have and harass Gandhi repeatedly to get him to attack. 
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Sorry, got a little carried away and forgot my rubber.

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If there were military units near my borders I'd get pissed off too.

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Sigh, yet another example of people blaming the AI for being broken. 
What would you do if you seen an AI starting to bring over large amounts of units to your border? 
You left out how powerful was each civ?  Were you and civ 1 less powerful then civ 2?  Was that the reason for the pack to go to war?  Considering that civ 2 took out civ 1 with ease, I'm going to say he is either as powerful or more so then you.  Then, you go against your pack and try to make friends with civ 2?  Even thou you had units on his border and had a good idea that you was going to attack him?


Dude, you got out played.  The AI was smarter then you.

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Hold up, I mistyped in my original post. 
It's fixed now, and I apologize for the confusing matters.  

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Askia is a bit of a jerk most of the time, I mean not as big as Montezuma... 
I've yet to have that problem, of course I tend to play the Switzerland role for the majority of the game so everyone likes me. 
But to be honest, this seems like normal behavior for an agressive military AI.

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It seems Civs are okay with one or two units near the border, but once it hits a certain number they rightfully suspect it's an invasion force. Even so, sometimes you can't avoid cutting past an ally's backyard since there's no other viable pathway. I've pissed off civs this way even though it was not my intention. Still it makes sense why. Not a broken part of the game, just another factor in border politics.

Even so, did you have an open borders agreement with Civ #1? I've refused open borders in my game (playing an insular society) but I assume they might be less touchy if you had an agreement that trespassing was OK.

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This could ALSO be why i've never had this problem as I play with open boarders ALOT. I did a game where about half of Germany's troops walked past my boarders while scouting and got stuck on the other side in a small nook I wasn't was fun taking them out when the border agreement ended...

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@Slunks said:
"Hold up, I mistyped in my original post.  It's fixed now, and I apologize for the confusing matters.   Sorry! "

Alright, but the fact remains you had units on his border without an open borders agreement.  You might be friends or even allies to an extent but a mass of armies is still a mass of armies. 
If you have a saved game before this happens, ask for open borders and repeat the troop movement, does he have a fit then? 
I always play the 'Korea' style that I call it.  If you got troops on my border, I'm going to have just as many on my side looking at your troops.  If I have extra, I will send them to his border if we don't share a border.  Kinda like, who blinks first.  :D
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An open border agreement might have resolved your issue, but you definitely need to be careful with open borders because sometimes the AI will use it as an opportunity to amass an army within your borders before declaring war on you.

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If the AI massed an army outside my city, even with open borders, I'd be very cautious and probably break the open border treaty. Don't trust them AI players. 

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Diplomacy with the AI in Civ V is meaningless.  Trade luxuries with them and ignore their other requests.  Only agree to open borders when you need to move through their territory.  Pacts of Secrecy and Cooperation are seemingly meaningless.

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The problem I am constantly having is that I can't expand fast enough, because of the fucking AI territories. Even if I rush out three cities as soon as possible, the map is quickly crowded and they eventually bitch about me invading in their area. Worse is that they will often come to *MY* area and build a city about two squares away from *me* and then THEY get pissed at ME and warn ME not to expand (when I wasn't expanding and didn't do anything other than already having a city where they decided to come over and found their own about 100 moves in).

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Yeah, this is my only major complaint about the game so far, the AI is completely nonsensical and just plain stupid. Diplomacy is completely pointless because the logic that governs the AI is that of 5th grader ruling a nation.

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Yeah AI has always been retarded in Civ games.

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Well from what I'm hearing most are complaining that the AI is illogical in it's actions. While I can see how it could be annoying, since when have countries ever been logical? They do what they want to benefit themselves and from the examples I've heard this greed and selfishness is reflected in the AI in civ 5. God damn I need this game now.

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I'd recently built a road all the way up the middle of Africa for a city-state up north and Suleiman builds a city right next to it and gets angry when I move troops up the road. Nowadays his borders cover the road, with no chance of an open borders policy because he's hostile towards me.

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