Difference between PS3 and X360 version

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I downloaded the Skate 2 demo for both systems, and I noticed that a few things are different.

I feel like I'm imagning things, but it seems like the PS3 version has a few slowdowns when the camera zooms very much into the character... But that is contrary to what the "Comparison" videos show, where they both version look nearly identical.

(They use different scenarios though, so it could still be.)

Am I just imagining things or can anyone confirm that this is also what happens to them?

Also the Replay functionality is a bit different, because it seems the X360 controller is more sensitive in the triggers it seems to speed up much more when I use the LT on the X360 instead of the L2 trigger on the PS3.

And then the obvious brightness thing, the PS3 version is much brighter...

Anyway, all in all they feel a bit different in direct comparison and not so much in sequential comparison.

Do you have the same experience? Because I pre-ordered the PS3 version, even though I think the X360 version currently seems a bit better... For weird reasons. ;-)

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...they were the same. 

We must not be playing the same demo

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Interesting,  I just read that the first skate had the same issues I'm currently seeing with Skate 2.

And on another forum they also notice the frame rate issues in the PS3 demo. Well, it's only been 1 day... Let's see if more people notice it.

Too bad, I would have rather gotten it on the PS3.

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Haven't played the PS3 version, but I can totally see the LT vs R2 sensitivity thing. The camera goes way too fast with the slightest press of LT on the 360.

However, I found that the 360 version was too bright (again I cannot compare it to the PS3 version). The whole game looked washed out. Colors look accurate for a split second during the fade to black wipes. Hopefully there will be a brightness/gamma/contrast slider in the retail version.

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Demo comparisons are worthless.

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Much like your contribution to the topic. Thanks for playing!

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Maybe I'm overreacting, but the X360 version looks better and feels better because of smoothness and the nearly always constant 60FPS.

The only (intentional?) slowdown I can tell is the bail animation. Everything goes slower and somehow the framerate with it.

And I don't think demo comparisons are worthless, it's a nearly 2GB download... It includes quite a bit of the city (check the glitch, you can free roam many places) ...

why wouldn't the demo be indicative of the final version?

The PS3 version of Skate was already inferior to the X360 version (graphically wise), so this is not irrational unfounded fear.

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I read something somewhere that the PS3 demo can drop to 30 FPS, but that this issue was fixed for the full game after the demo code went for certification. Shouldn't be in the final game.

However I think the slowdown form hard bails could either be intentional or it could be that the cpu needs to calculate how your body should react. They're not just ragdolls anymore. But it's probably intentional so you have time to press a direction on the right stick to modify your bail position for optimal (minimal?) impact.

How are the graphics different though? The GameTrailers comparison video makes them look almost identical. I can see that the 360 version is very slightly darker, but that seems to be all. The comparison of the original skate had the PS3 looking a bit better. But if it wasn't for the on screen indications, I wouldn't know the Skate2 comparisons were from different platforms.

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Wow, if that is true I'm quite relieved.

(Because as I said in the initial post, I already pre-ordered the PS3 version after playing the x360 demo.)

And about the graphics, I really can't pin it down... It just feels slightly odd on the PS3 compared to the X360 when it is in motion.

But it isn't individual textures or anything like that, when I drive close to them and pause both versions to inspect them they look nearly identical. (Hard to get the very same angle for both version.)

The reason I made the thread was because I saw the comparison videos as well and couldn't believe that I'm seeing such a weirdness at home compared to the video.

I thought it could have something to do with the difference in upscaling that both platforms do, but I'm very new to this so I don't know.

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The 360 version is already better because of the controller and points. The 60 fps is just icing on the cake.

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I think the ps3 was the lead format when they developed skate 2. i dunno if that really matters. Im still up in the air if im getting the ps3 or 360 version

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On the 360 version (full game) it seems there is a texture glitch where pedestrian and car models have this purple color replacing certain parts of the texture. I don't know if it's also in the PS3 version (don't own one) , but I doubt it is due to the lazy texture compression for non skater/security guard models. The world looks fine though.

Look at the car tail lights and at various parts of pedestrians on the 360 version, then compare to PS3... if you own both and a copy for each. Damn... I'll try to find a pic for you PS3 users to compare with.

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bandresen said:

Interesting,  I just read that the first skate had the same issues I'm currently seeing with Skate 2.

And on another forum they also notice the frame rate issues in the PS3 demo. Well, it's only been 1 day... Let's see if more people notice it.

Too bad, I would have rather gotten it on the PS3.

im not getting it at all. the game sucks. i want a good tony hawk game. 
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I was reading that the PS3 version stutters a lot.
link: http://www.gameplayer.com.au/gp_documents/090119Skate2framerate.aspx 

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