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National Pokedex No
: #451  
Scorpion Pokémon   
 Battle Armor or Snipe  
: 2'07''   
: 26.5 lbs  
Evolves at
: level 40    
Is can be found in dry areas like deserts and marshy areas like the Great Marsh. 

Evolutionary Line

It evolves into a Drapion at level 40.  

Pokedex Entry

 Skorupi in the Anime
Diamond: It grips prey with its tail claws and injects poison. It tenaciously hangs on until the poison takes. 
Pearl: It lives in arid lands. It buries itself in sand and lies in wait for unsuspecting prey. 
Platinum: As soon as the tail claws close, its needle tips secrete poison. It can survive a year without food. 
HeartGold/SoulSilver: It burrows under the sand to lie in wait for prey. Its tail claws can inject its prey with a savage poison.

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