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Skyfire Mountains

Skyfire Mountains is the domain of the dragons of Kunark. West of The Overthere and north of Burning Woods, this rocky, broken terrain is covered by many rivers and several lakes of lava. The fiery lava gives the night sky a red tint, which is where the region gets its name. As if falling into the many pits of magma weren't enough of a danger, the region is teaming with all kinds of dragon-like creatures including drakes, wyverns, wurms, chomodracs, and most notably, Talendor. He is a relatively young dragon, too young to be inducted to the council of the Ring of Scale in Veeshan's Peak, but is earning his rank by slaughtering any and all who pass through these mountains. Veeshan's Peak is the largest mountain here, and a massive door in the side of the volcano leads to the stronghold of the Ring of Scale. The brave enough or foolish enough to enter the peak must first complete an extensive quest to earn a key from Emperor Ganak in Trakanon's Teeth. Surrounding the entire region are structures obviously built by dragons, possibly millenia ago. In the northeast is a fire temple where a giant dragon statue holds a pulsating red orb. In the southeast is an identical statue, this one holding a blue orb as it is a temple of ice. To the south, near the valley leading to the Burning Woods, is a dragon graveyard. Wizards have uncovered the ability to teleport to this graveyard, which is actually quite dangerous. In the southwest is another dragon statue, this one holding a revolving globe of Norrath. Historians have braved the intense heat and dangerous wildlife of the region to study the globe, for it shows a large frozen continent far south of Antonica, several small continents west of Odus, and a massive continent in the opposite hemisphere. The knowledge of the dragons appears to be unmatched by any other race. Druids studying it have learned the ability to teleport to this mysterious globe, which is much safer than their counterpart's location.

Neighboring Zones


  • Minions of Scale
  • Ring of Scale


Notable NPCs

  • Black Scar
  • Dry Sapara
  • Eldrig the Old
  • Felia Goldenwing
  • Guardian of Felia
  • Jennus Lyklobar
  • Talendor
  • Warder Cecilia
  • Zordak Ragefire

Notable Items

  • Blazing Boots of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Bracer of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Breastplate of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Gauntlets of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Greaves of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Helm of Fennin Ro
  • Blazing Vambraces
  • Cloak of Flames
  • Dragon Bone Bracelet
  • Dragon Hero Bracer
  • Gauntlets of Fiery Might
  • Halcyon Broadsword
  • Kavruul`s Mystic Pouch
  • McVaxius` Horn of War
  • Orb of Tishan
  • Red Dragon Scales
  • Runed Bolster Belt
  • Selo`s Drums of the March
  • Shield of the Red Dragon
  • Tobrin's Mystical Eyepatch
  • Torn, burnt book

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