Skylanders Giants In Stores Now!

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Alright, Duders... Time to fess up...

Giant Bomb sold me Skylanders:Spyro's Adventure and my love for the game continues with today's sequel release. How many of you are returning Portal Masters and how many are coming to it for the first time? Would love to hear some impressions from both sides, too.

Personally, in brief, I find Giants to be a pretty good sequel so far. It improves on little niggling issues like inconsistent framerate and sluggish menu interface along with new stages, a new story, and some new gameplay features. Largely, however, it is just more Skylanders and for me that's just dandy. I'm a twenty-eight year old six year old, that's for sure, and there's no denying that Skylanders is a damn cool toy.

P.S. The figures continue to be well worth the money both as game pieces and as collectibles. I was a little afraid they would skimp on the paint and mold detail on the new series but they are as good if not better. The Giants in particular have some real strikingly intricate detail.

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Enjoying the sequel so far, but I don't have the desire to collect any of the series 2 versions of figures we already have. Sure wish they'd added online multiplayer. I'm surprised they don't have an "order toy" option in game, it's the scary next step in the promo videos for toys you may not have that play as you find them in the world. My son is not yet 2, but he has a blast placing figures on the portal. It is a little disjointing to play with your character being swapped every 15 seconds but his reaction is worth it. Definitely still a great trick and engaging for kids of all ages(including this 32 yr old). Nothing says to the wife "what a stud" more than walking into the bedroom where I moved the Xbox with 20 ft of USB cable connected to a glowing kids toy and 40 action figures surrounding me on the bed.

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@MooseyMcMan: Guess this level of Skylanders madness means a possible quick look for it or just not hearing much from Jeff for a day or two as he dives into that pile.

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My buddies 5 year old son plays Skylanders on his Wii. Good father son game I think. Nothing that interests me, as an adult and everything. lol

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I can't imagine this having the same level of insanity that the original game had. Activision is great at running franchises into the ground though, so I fully expect them to milk the cow on this til it falls over dead.

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Put in my preorder.

Passed on the first, figure I'll give it a shot on Wii U since there's really not that much on Wii U that interests me and I have a Deluxe Wii U Pre-order paid in full.

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I'm going to be the cheap guy here, I'd bet that soon the original Skylanders will go down. I need to still play that first game so I may as well be a cheap ass about it,

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I am loving the game so far. I have noticed a lot more personality out of the Skylanders this time around. I also noticed that my local WalMart has already almost completely gotten rid of the original Skylanders stuff.

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I really want this game I like the first Skylanders game

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