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Known by the Orcs as "Krushak" and worshipped by the Sect Camp, The Sleeper eventually revealed itself to be a demon from the realm of Beliar. With the help of Xardas, It was vanquished by The Nameless Hero. In order to defeat the Sleeper, the Nameless Hero had to collect a magical armor and sword.

Sleeper shamans:

The five Orc shamans that built the Temple of the Sleeper and were responsible for its invocation were turned into undead and harmful beings:

  Varrag-Hashor: The first shaman the Nameless Hero has to face. Easy to kill.

 Varrag-Kasorg: Second shaman encountered.

 Varrag-Unhilqt: The Third shaman encountered.

 Varrag-Ruushk: The fourth shaman encountered.
 Grash-Varrag-Arushat: The fifth and last of the shamans who protect the Sleeper. He is the guardian of the main temple and the strongest of all shamans. Can only be killed by Uriziel and its magic. He has the Breath of Death rune that can be collected after defeating him.

Sleepers stats:

 Strenght: 500
 Agility: 500
 HP: 1000
 Mana: 500

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