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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time 1

Sly Cooper and I go back a very long time. Back to when I didn’t have a PlayStation 2 yet. That’s when I would go over my cousin’s house and play it and I ended up beating it for her in one day. That’s also the day I found one of my favorite games of all time. Once I got a Ps2 I played it again until Sly Cooper: Band of Thieves came out and I beat that game several times also. When I thought it was all over Sucker Punch gave me another game to play, Sly Cooper: Honor Among Thieves. As you pr...

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Anyone who is looking for a good and enjoyable platformer should give Thieves in Time a chance 0

The Sly Cooper series made its début for us UK gamers back on the PlayStation 2 in early 2003. On release, it was met with enough positive feedback about its easy and responsive controls, gameplay variety and lovely looking graphics, thanks to the cel-shaded style, to spawn two sequels on the same platform. After the arrival of the PlayStation 3, it seemed creators Sucker Punch had left poor Sly behind to create a new IP with the Infamous series. As you can see from the release of Sly Cooper: Th...

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Deja vu all over again, eh? 3

Sly Cooper is an interesting series, to say the least. I cannot say whether or not it was the very first platformer to meld platforming and stealth mechanics together, but I'd be a damn liar if I said it didn't set the bar at its highest. The cast and writing were clever, the cel-shaded environments were enormously detailed, and the controls flowed seamlessly with the action in the game, not to mention the bold risk the developers took in the sequels with expanding the levels into wide-open, spa...

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Had great potential, but Sanzaru abandoned the fine writing work of the previous three and dropped the ball. Hard. 0

Spoilers warnings, of course. I agree with the other issues posted here, The Grizz was terrible, with shitty motivations that flip flopped. Carmelita got super slutified and her character became even more 2 dimensional, if that were possible. The Time Travel thing had a LOT of potential. I had this cool notion in my head that they might, say, create the time tech that made time travel possible, and then waaaaay later, some enemy from the future uses that pandora's box Bently opened to go ba...

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You want my review.. well here it is disappointed.. 0

What have you done to my favorite series.. you ruined it. You think you did a good thing but you ruined it. You ruined Sly, Bentley, Murry, Carmelita and even Penelope.. have you no shame can you not let the characters live up to they're actual potential before you make them some horny furries dream..?You ruined them you ruined them all. This game was my pride and joy until you came along and ruined it. You made Carmelita look like some little slutty doll with a temper, made sly a corny goof ba...

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