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Snipes is played by moving your character around a maze and shooting "snipes" who spawn from "hives" much like Gauntlet's "creature generators". The object of the game is to destroy all the snipes. Destroy the hives first! 
 The original version (in 1982) was monochrome for IBM screens and single player, and it sold about a thousand copies. But in 1983 SuperSet Software republished it for Novell inc., primarily to test the (precursor of today's) LAN network (NetWare) and to demonstrate its capabilities. It was a pack in for NetWare for 8 years.  Snipes! was the first ever network multiplayer game ever made.
Snipes! has 234 difficulty settings, from A1 through to Z9. Higher numbers mean more hives and an increased maximum spawn count of each one, and higher letters bring features like electrified walls, ricocheting bullets or "ghost" snipes (snipes that warp short distances instead of moving continuously).
Other features include: The scrolling, infinite wraparound, randomly generated maze where if you find a straight path from end to end, you can shoot in one direction and the shot will wrap around and hit you in the back of the head. The hero, or Player, made of ASCii symbols, looks like a constantly blinking bird face on acid. And lastly, the fact that this game is a true piece of gaming and computer history.

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