pufferfiz's SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation (Headset Bundle) (PlayStation 3) review

Socom leaps onto the PS3 but falls short of something amazing

      If you had a ps2 back in the day you had to have Socom. They were great games and really game new meaning to tactical shooters. So I was very excited to say the least when i heard that Socom was finally coming to the PS3. Had it preordered and everything, I couldn't wait. The day came and I went and picked it up and immediately popped it. After a few rounds I realized that a lot of things in this game just don't work.

     After you log in you will notice that the menu screens are online so what I mean is that in order to go to the next menu your PS3 has to contact the servers first. So this makes all the menus really clunky, but not really slow just clunky. Then when you want to play you find that you have to go in and connect to a channel first. Now if you didn't care what game mode or map you wanted to play then this would not be a issue. But if you want to find a game that’s lets say Demolition on Desert Glory then good luck because you will have to spend some time to find it. There is no search function so the only way to find this game would be to just go down the list scanning all the games. Once you connect to a game it's pretty simple just make sure you got the right layout you want then hit start, don't worry you can change your layout each time you die in game. The game start off with a black screen that then fades to game play and honestly that's really dumb. Especially in Quarantine since if you are the Mercs and your playing breach you can unknowingly fall off the platform you spawn at to your death. Firing can take some getting use to. The accuracy is strange, the devs wanted to make it realistic with the way guns recoil and how far they can shoot. But it really just becomes a headache, the guns when fired drive the sight up which is some what realistic but then really hard to get used to. Now when you do fire you better be pretty close because it is very hard to hit something even remotely far away. Which really takes the tactics out of the game, you’ll find that most of the time you just run and gun, and for a game like this that just really does not work.  Don't get me wrong the game is really fun. And honestly if you call look past all these faults you’ll find that the combat is quite fun. Lag is a huge issue in this game, but its not really the whether you can connect to a game but when you’re in combat. You see when you shoot someone and you see blood come out you would think hey I got him. But here, more likely then not, if you see blood you did not hit him. The other character or you are just lagging and you didn't hit him, but you still fired so while you try and reload the other guy can come around and shoot you right in the face.

    Another thing is that they game seems really unfinished and I say that because many things don't work or not even there. You can even go to Socom.com and they tell you when they are going to put in next. Which is nice but then you read what they wrote and its all stuff that should have been there on release.

    It is a good game but unless you are a Socom fan or want a tactical shooter then there are many other shooters out there that are better.

   Oh and if you can get the Bundle, the headset is really nice and works very well. it's also a great deal 60$ for the bundle but the headset alone costs 50$ so it's like getting a game for only 10$


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