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Sonia Belmont is the protagonist of Castlevania Legends, an entry in the Castlevania series meant to establish the beginning of the feud between the Belmont clan and the series antagonist Dracula. To date, Sonia has only appeared in Legends, though she was also meant to appear in the game Castlevania: Resurrection before the title was cancelled.

History and Retcon

After taking over development of the Castlevania franchise, Koji Igarashi randomly decided that certain games no longer fit into the series' overall storyline and removed them from the official timeline and canon. As a result, Sonia Belmont's very existence within the timeline was, unfortunately, also written out. While three other games were similarly removed from the canon timeline, Legends was the only game to never be reinstated in some way. This is most notable because of Sonia's ties to other characters within the series, as the ending of Legends implies that Sonia and Alucard, son of Dracula, became lovers, and that Trevor Belmont was their child.

Sonia was meant to return as a canon character in Castlevania: Resurrection, a Sega Dreamcast-exclusive title. The plot was to entail Dracula's latest revival in the year 1666; an age when the Belmont clan was inactive and unable to rise up against him. As a result, the force of Destiny pulls two Belmonts from other time periods in order to fight him. The first being Sonia, who had successfully defeated Dracula in 1450. The other, an all-new character named Victor Belmont, had fled from his destiny when Dracula rose in the late 1800s, leaving the task of defeating him to Quincy Morris (as depicted in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula).

The storyline of Resurrection would have depicted Victor growing to accept his destiny as a vampire hunter with the help of his courageous ancestor Sonia. However, due to the game's inexplicable cancellation, Sonia remains as a footnote in Castlevania lore.

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