Sony's E3 2012 Press Conference: A Bloody, Post-Apocalyptic Quantic Fever Dream

#151 Posted by Morrow (1823 posts) -

@JJOR64 said:

Beyond looks great.

@Foxillusion said:

Last of Us looks so damn cool.

Both have Ellen Page!

(Well, Ellie from Last of Us isn't supposed to look like her, but she does.)

#152 Posted by nickux (1390 posts) -

As a PS3 owner, I thought this was a great show. As a Vita owner, this was really sad and left me feeling uneasy. Sony looks like they're going to repeat the same mistakes they made with PSP. It's not enough to have one game a month be of interest on your platform. I want to give you money- give me games I can buy. It's so simple!

#153 Posted by Corvak (1175 posts) -

I sort of get the feeling that Sony was pressed for time. They should've copied Nintendo, and held a secondary Vita conference - there ARE Vita games on the show floor, they just didn't get into the main event, mostly due to overly long winded wonderbook/book of spells demonstrations.

God of War? They need to step back and consider a new protagonist for the series. Kratos is great at being pissed off (at everything), but it feels like he's kinda killed everything worth killing at this point.

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