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Aint got NOTHING on Street Fighter

Being a huge fan of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur was a fighting game I never really got into.  I tried it once on the PS2 a few years back and thought it was okay, but nowhere near as good as Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat.  Well, now it's come out next gen and you can play online.  Why not try it out?  Well, I did and I'm not impressed.  First of all I don't know who any of the characters are, since I wasn't into the first games, or any of their moves or special attacks.  The characters look ridiculous and most of them are the same with just a few different attributes.  Their little voice taunts, etc, are stupid and weak.  I was excited to play as Vader, but he doesn't even look like he does in the movies.  In my opinion his suit looks weird.  I was pretty disappointed to find out you can't jump (you can, but like half a foot in the air - not to kick them in the air like Street Fighter) I've been playin' for hours and just cannot get the feel of this game and am just not "feelin' it."  I don't like how it's 3D and not 2D.  I hate how the block button is "x" on the PS3.  I guess I'm just so used to Street Fighter and the button scheme is "implanted" in my head.  I keep holding back to block and end up getting ripped a new asshole.  Overall, it's kinda fun to play considering it is really the only  next-gen fighting game you can play online at the moment (I think, besides Virtua Fighter).  People that love Soul Calibur will love this game.  It's got customization, good graphics, and new characters, etc.  But for me, a STREET FIGHTER fan it doesn't impress me and looks kinda "stupid."  I would give it a 2/5, but since you can play online I'll give it a 3.

Posted by PresDNA

You can play Tekken 5DR online from the PSN.

Also It is a little unfair to rate a game like SC against SF when all they have in common is they are just both fighting games that have the opponents face each other,and they both have health bars.  SCIV  is not perfect;  button choices have to be thought out  to pull off manuvers, and the cheap players who know the animation timing so that speedy cheap attacks keep you from defending (TAKI is one of the worst) make this game a little less stellar (especially against chep artists online).   With that aside however I think SCIV is a decent harbinger of the great fighting games with online play.  Long overdue and finally realized in this gaming generation.  I myself am waiting for Tekken 6, SFIV, and if the GiantBomb podcast from July 29 2008 is to be belived a new MARVEL Vs CAPCOM!!!!

Posted by mars188

Good  Game  not  Great.  Tower  mode  is  the  best  part  in  my  view.   Most  of  the  fighters  again  you  cant  pull  off  all  of   there  moves  ,  somthing  all  fighter s  have  trouble  with  in  my  view,,    S.C.  4  is  worth  about   30  bucks  might  sell  mine  and  buy  it  when  it  drops  in  a  year  are  so,  mars

Posted by mars188

Plus  no  Blood  and  noo   limbs  flying  off,  weak  in  that.  mars

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