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Other than Jeff's review,same old no new is awesome!

First of all I'm not even going to talk about the breasts or the Star Wars characters everyone knows those are both in tact.Even people that may not be fans of Soul Calibur games.

But Soul Calibur succeeds in many areas.I think the first thing people will notice when they play SC4 is the beautiful visuals and breathtaking endings.THAT ARE NOT PRE-RENDERED!There are some truly beautiful stages and some amazing characters that all look great.The breasts are huge on most female characters but they look reasonably smaller if you put them in bikinis.Some of the tight suits just tend to make them stick out more.The weapons look great the animations are superior to any fighting game I have ever seen and the overall package feels well done,and complete.

There is a good portion of modes in SC4's single player.You have the basic stuff like Arcade,and then there is Story Mode.It feels kinda lame,but some of the endings are very good and entertaining to watch for each character.The actual story revolves around the bos Algol and Sigfried and Nightmare.But the other characters also have things there after and it blends well with the overall story.There is also Tower of Souls and that's basically a challenge mode,it's very hard and frequently annoying but it really pushes you to use skills for the characters and make a powerful one.You can unlock new armor in that mode by completing hidden challenges scattered throughout the floors.Such as do a 10+ combo on this floor or rings yourself out on some other floor.The challenges are rough but fun to complete,it adds replay value and you get free armor so it's a nice way to play around in the single player.You can also Descend the tower,and that is pretty much survival mode but you get two characters instead of just one.

Now we can talk about the online.This is the big bummer of SC4 so far.It's finally here but there are only two modes for it.Special Versus,and Versus.Special Versus lets you use all the skills you have set to one of your characters.So if you want to go online and turn invisible or poison a friend,that's the way to do it.There is a level system,and that's not fleshed out very well you just level up for winning matches.BUT you do get gold for winning matches,and winning matches can be easy so it's a fun way to add gold to your single player bank if you get tired with the AI and want a human challenge.But if you want a complete online experience for a fighter,purchase DOA4,there are way more modes and a far more rewarding exp system.

SC4 sounds amazing,the character voices are not bad at all not nearly as bad as a game like Virtua Fighter.And the soundtrack on the game is nice to.It really fits in with the universe,meaning it sounds pretty damn epic.But it doesn't overdo it.The announcer you have to hear in the game however is straight up annoying.He says the dumbest things I have ever heard,he never makes any sense.But he adds comic relief to the game.

There is a lot to keep you coming back to Soul Calibur 4.Tons of custom options for your character,fun single player and versus modes and a lot to unlock.Soul Calibur 4 should keep fighting fans busy for a long time.And I think most people that play it are going to enjoy it a lot and even prefer it over other fighters.

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Posted by TwoLines

Yeah, I think that Jeffs take on the game is a little too harsh. BUT, the story mode has never been weaker. That is a downside of the game. Screw the weird characters- at least they are interesting in that weird circus freak kind of way and I don't care about big boobs. That sounded weird... but why they took a step back with the story mode ? 3,5/5 for me. It would have been 4,5 if it werent for such a sucky (and that's a euphemism) story mode.

Posted by Whisperkill

its barely good, i thin

Posted by Whisperkill

its barely good, i thin

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