SDCC trailer, new characters

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 -New girl replacing Taki, looks like she plays basically the same, but with a goofier costume and hair and smaller breasts.
-Ivy's still in. Her voice is awful. 
-New dude. Actually seems pretty cool - moves look sort of like Maxi's nunchaku shenanigans, but with a sword. Summons some....thing at the end? 
-Super attacks all up in my Soul Calibur! 
Thoughts on new folks in the roster?
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@TheFreeMan: Are you sure she's replacing Taki? If so, then I've lost all interest in this game. She was one of the staple characters of the series, and it's unfortunate that she's being taken out. They can take out less important characters, but please, leave the classics in. Oh well...
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I honestly can't be interested in this, IV was quite the let down and this looks as silly as IV.

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@RaikohBlade: You can see her character profile on, where it says her name's Natsu and "she is Taki's student", and since the trailer says "Worthy Successors" or whatever, I'd guess that she is replacing Taki. Taki was my main in previous Soul Calibur's so I'm bummed as well. Maybe she'll be in there as a bonus character, despite the moveset similarities (IE: Seong Mina and Kilik)?
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Taki getting a replacement and they give her a smaller chest? They add more clothes to Ivy? The fuck is the world coming to?
But seriously, while I appreciate what they're trying to do, I feel like a large portion of the fun in fighting games is having those characters that will seemingly always be around no matter what goes on in the story. Even if they get characters with similar moves and looks, personally, I just don't find it to be quite the same. I think if you're going to change your game in hopes of making it better, getting rid of half the roster that fans of the series know and love just doesn't seem like the right way to do it. meh, w/e, maybe it will turn out great, maybe it won't. Who knows? In any case, I'll wait until I see more to make a final decision, but I more than likely won't be picking this up...

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@PrimeSynergy: What I find kind of strange is that it seems kind of random who they're replacing. Mitsurugi, Siegfried, and Ivy all made it back in but Taki didn't? She's one of the series mainstays, having been in, I think, literally every Soul game. I'm not exceedingly torn up about it since the new girl looks to play the same but as the same time I have to wonder what the point is. 
I agree, I give them points for trying to shake it up but if they wanted to really mix up Soul Calibur they should have pulled a Street Fighter 3 and chucked out practically all the old folks and replaced them with wildly different characters.
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@PrimeSynergy: Well, replacing half the roster isn't always a bad thing. Take Tekken 3 for example. That is considered by many to be the best game in the series. I believe it was also the most popular. Here in the US at least. Swapping up the roster is a way to breath new life into a series, but I personally don't think this is the way to do it. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea and appreciate it and all, but what I think the series really needs has more to do with the gameplay than anything else. Based on what I have seen the game looks like nothing more than SC4.5. I didn't really care for 4, it just felt off to me and the fighting was all style and no substance. I don't care to play that again.
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@TheFreeMan: I agree. The only way to make their current strategy work is to keep the mainstays, drop the rest, and add new characters. Or, they can take the Street Fighter 3 route and just go all out, replacing pretty much everyone. Currently, it seems like this game will not live up to the expectations of the true Soul Calibur fans. If it's not as good as SC2, then it's a failure in my eyes. Yeah, I'm harsh.
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@TheFreeMan said:

   -New girl replacing Taki, looks like she plays basically the same, but with a goofier costume and hair and smaller breasts.

Just kidding. I'm actually happy that they are toning down the... assets of some of the characters. Ivy no longer freaks me out!
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They said Taki is still alive, and they havent said she wont be in yet. Z.W.E.I appears to be summoing some kind of wolf spirit. PS: his name is german for two. ALso I am glad tehy covere up Ivy, and downgraded the breast. I dont like it to be overly sexualized.

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