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This is a great year for fighting game fans. 0

IntroductionBefore I begin, let me introduce myself a bit. I've been a gamer since Street Fighter 2, and although I play all sorts of games, fighting games still are (and likely always will be) my favorites.My history with SoulCalibur starts just a few years ago. I had been a Tekken player for around a decade, but had never had a chance to try Namco's other staple fighter. While over at a friend's house, I finally got a chance to play SoulCalibur II. I immediately fell in love with the game and ...

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R.I.P. Soul series 1995-2006 0

I've been a huge fan of the Soul series since Soul Calibur on the Dreamcast. But ever since Daishi Odishima took over, the series went downhill from there and Soul Calibur V is yet another abomination of both a Soul series game and a fighting game itself, besides Soul Calibur IV, that it's not even funny. The new team behind this game butchered everything about what made the first four Soul series games great from the characters to the storyline, and of course the gameplay so much that it's a di...

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Great game, but story will piss you off 0

I think I may have broken my controller during this HORRIBLE story mode. What happened SC? The last decent story had been on part two, and now here you are just throwing a bunch of bullshit together, and calling it a 'Story'? okay let's go into detail why the story sucks. You start off as this 'guy' that I've personally never seen before. During the story this guy switches moves at least three times; so the ability to learn his moves are completely out the window. (The guy; is the one on the fro...

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The soul is once again burning brightly with this series. 1

Since re-birthing with a burst of popularity due to Street Fighter IV, the gaming community has allowed developers to create new fighting games without feeling scared about them not selling. As such, it makes perfect sense for Namco to bring another SoulCalibur to the table. It’s been well over three years (and before the fighting genre grew again) since SoulCalibur IV, so what’s changed in that time?A fair amount actually. SoulCalibur V continues the story by setting it 17 years after the event...

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The Soul continues to burn 0

Soul Calibur V encompasses every positive element from the previous games, and does a great job of catering to new and regular players. Many familiar characters return, as well as new faces and more options for creating your own fighter. Online play has been revamped, as well as the more focused story mode, even though it focuses on fewer characters this time. There’s only one special character this time, but it’s Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, so I can’t complain.The game looks better than ever with...

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The soul still burns, more or less 1

I am no fighting game aficionado so when I say Soul Calibur is the best fighting game series in existence you’ll have to keep in mind that I’m not the sort of person who can remember elaborate combos or who counts frames or thinks about things like what counter is best for what attack. Long story short I suck at fighters but still like them.I come to Soul Calibur because unlike other fighting games I can. While the likes of Street Fighter clearly have the bigger fan base I simply can’t get in to...

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Soul Caliber 4.5? 0

So I sunk in a few hours of Soul Caliber 5, Project Soul’s newest release in the series. After playing so much of last year’s Mortal Kombat and (Ultimate) Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, I thought it’d be a nice change of pace.I guess it is?The first thing I notice is the lack of improvement in the graphic department from Soul Caliber 4 to 5. I played the SC4 demo to double check, and I can’t notice any sort of difference. Mechanically, however, stays the same for the better. The standard Horizontal, Verti...

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Oh, SoulCalibur, what have they done to you?! 0

SoulCalibur V ReviewPros+ Brilliant animation, art and combat sounds+ Expansive character creation+ Deep combatCons- Really short story and arcade modes- No guidance for new players or characters- Appalling writing and voice acting- Cheap and lazy AIOver 15 years since Namco brought Soul Edge to arcades, comes SoulCalibur V. In the same fashion of previous games, you play in the style of any one of 30 fighters, all brandishing some form of sword, axe or other significant lump of metal. SoulCalib...

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Soul Calibur V 0

Hey guys here's my review of Soul Calibur V for Xbox 360. This review was originally posted on my maid blog but I wated to share it with every one here. Enjoy.So I’m sitting around playing Soul Calibur 5, and here’s a great looking game. It’s visually stunning. I’m watching two fighters battle it out on the dust filled plains, the sun setting in the distance. White and yellow rays are reflecting off the two swordfighters armor making them look angelic. Blades meet each oth...

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Gold Against The Soul. 0

There is something wrong with Soul Calibur V, be it the stench of something rotten, or a general feeling of unease, there is something at the heart of this 3D fighter which causes me to move around its slightly barren game modes with a vague disgust.What could it be I wonder? Certainly not the graphics, as they are like before; nice and bright, colourful, and despite not looking the best of what the genre can offer, it is nevertheless more than sufficent to cause the occasional signals of awe an...

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Review: Soul Calibur V 1

Fighting games seem to be in an odd position at the moment. After a prolonged dry spell during the previous generation of consoles, the genre saw a large boom in popularity with the release of Street Fighter 4 and Mortal Kombat. Along the way, one of the industry’s steadfast and oft-overlooked franchises, Soul Calibur, has seen several successful releases. But with its heyday long since past, can a quirky casual fighter like Soul Calibur 5 really succeed among the myriad of tournament-heavy game...

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