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The only solution is to evolve 0

If you own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you probably already know of Space Invaders: Infinity Gene, the latest in a long line of shoot-em-ups by the series that helped kick off the genre more than 30 years ago. The game has recently shown up on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade…but just how well does the game hold up against faster-paced contemporaries like DoDonPachi Resurrection and ESPGaluda II? In a few words: pretty good, actually. The main gimmick of...

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Space Invaders: Bullet-hell edition 0

Upon starting Space Invaders Infinity Gene's campaign, one is met with the following quote from Charles Darwin: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." Strong words. Words that say a lot about the state of Space Invaders over the past few years and its efforts to stay relevant. It's many evolutions have, for the most part, always remained small and inconsequential to th...

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Infinity Gene is a shooter worth your iPhone dollars 0

Reviewer Device: iPhone 3GGraphics:The game relies on a mixture of original Space Invaders graphics, as well as a series of stylized new enemies. New enemies are consistent to the overall Space Invaders theme, and blend well with the original graphics. Menus are also highly stylized and fit well with the overall line/pixel art look. Fitting with the "evolution" theme, game graphics become more complicated as new levels are unlocked, but they never divorce themselves entirely of the original grap...

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Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review 0

Space Invaders Infinity Gene is the Space Invaders franchise's introduction to the i-phone. You'll start off the game with the old-school look, but you'll quickly find that this game is about beats and invaders on several different levels. The best part of the game comes in the form of unlockables, so if you want to really see what this game has to offer you'll have to keep playing it.Graphically this game is very simplistic. Its going to have very basic coloring, and the levels are going to be ...

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Incredible old school perfection 0

I played the remake of Space Invaders for the PSP/DS and really enjoyed the new take on a classic. Seeing that it was available for my iPhone incited me to try that version as well. This version of space invaders is probably my favorite and is not to be missed by anyone with an iPhone.  The progression is fantastic with tons of unlockable content and multiple gun types try out and experiment with. The concept of the evolutionary process taking place in the world of space invaders is fun and lead...

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