Spice Pirates and Zombies: Worth Checking Out

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Stumbled upon this game on steam last night, there's a very lengthy demo available that gives a good feel (or so I think) of what this game is about.  I can see it getting a little repetitive after a while, since there isn't much depth.  But from what I've played so far, I've been having a blast.
Check it out!

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The title should read "Space Pirates and Zombies"  not **Spice.  Im going to bed...

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Totalbisquit has a great WTF on it. And he did some voicework for it aswell I think.

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@Giefcookie said:

Totalbisquit has a great WTF on it. And he did some voicework for it aswell I think.

I knew that voice was familiar. For some reason I kept thinking it was Yahtzee, but it just sounded wrong.
Also, I bought the game on a whim. Didn't really know what to expect. It's extremely fun, except for the final battle. Still haven't beaten it.
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I don't like the combat very much, but it looks to be fun for what I played of the demo, unfortunately my gaming budget for the month is already blown :P
I'm sure it will be on sale at some point though, and also it seems that they're planning on adding a lot of stuff post release so I guess it's best to wait anyway.

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I played the demo, it was alright. What's the largest ship you can get? I only got to the 2nd level of size and there seems to be three more after that...

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I've ploughed 20 hours into this game. I'm not sure what it is, but it scratches this itch that harkens back to the days of getting hooked on random shareware on my 486.

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Just completed the game after 41 hours. Equipping my team with maxed out laser tech after struggling a bit in the mid-game was sweet, sweet revenge. My ships were slicing through zombies like it was a zombie-slicing party!

I highly recommend this game. It can be a bit grind-y, but there's lots of customization to suite different play styles, a decent story, and good replayability.

It's hard to believe this game was made by only two dudes. No outsourcing. Nothing. Just two dudes doing all the programming, art, and even voices.

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