Duder Explorers Club (Spelunky Daily Challenge 2014-1-18)

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Starting the thread I make great use of the Dave Lang created BAT TECH only to have issues with yeti's and explosions but was playing super risky so my fault. Apologies for the lack of YouTubing, since beating Yama I'm putting less effort in archiving my progress.

Good luck to one and all and can't wait to see how everyone else did! (Gameplay starts after 3 minutes, not sure how to edit on twitch)

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Had my best daily run and highest overall score! Shouldn't have stopped ghosting cause I was just shy of a million. Super satisfying run, though, $984,325.

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I jumped into the ghost because I'm bad.

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Well.. That happened.

Previous high score was like 650K. Also my longest run ever, somewhere around 73 minutes. I have never taken over an hour before.

So after only 2 weeks of doing Daily Challenges I just crushed my ultimate goal in Spelunky. Victory!

The first vault was a bit sketchy to ghost so I didn't do it, but had I taken the Mothership route I could have been even higher up there. Or you know.. end up dead. I think I am allowed to call myself a good Spelunker now though :)

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So guys it finally happened. Spelunky has invaded my sub-conscious mind. I had a dream about spelunky last night. Forget what it was about but Patrick was involved somehow.

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I am still green at Spelunky, as this video shows. I also die trying out Dave Lang's Bat-Tech, because I'm dumb.

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What are you guys using to record your runs?

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@demoskinos: Oh, I've been there. Dying some more in dream-Spelunky.

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Did my first Hell run in today's challenge.

Haven't done any ghost mining yet. Should probably look into that.

#10 Posted by Thurbleton (158 posts) -

@demoskinos I use OBS but also hear of people using Fraps and XSplit, just OBS is free. I can throw up a brief how-to for OBS before tomorrows daily challenge

#11 Posted by amarriner (179 posts) -

I, too, use OBS because it's free. Works great for me. Meant for streaming (which also works great for me), but I use it to record as well.

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