cylemoore's Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (PlayStation 3) review

Nice story but bad camera angles.

  It was a pretty good story for a Spider-Man game... I liked it but the only thing that ruin most of its moments were the bad camera angles. I've never played a game that had horrible camera angles like this game. But if you can deal with that you will be in for a treat with its story.... Oh and Spider-Man's voice sucks, but you get use to it... I beat it on the good story line because I feel that Spider-Man would have done the same. I didn't really want to play the game over on the bad story line so I just youtube'd the video... You should to unless you can get over the camera angles... sorry I talk about the camera angles so much but it screwed up so much on me... I'm trying to extend this review so I can post it... but the fights in it were really cool especially the fights when Spider-Man is in the air, a pretty cool idea that I hope they use in newer games....

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