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I wish I was Playing Ultimate Spider-Man 2

That’s not to say that Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a terrible game; hell it’s not even a bad game. It’s just a mixed bag of weird shit. The game tried something that I haven’t ever seen a video game do before: It laid out all the shitty stuff up front, and then slowly gave you the good parts later on. Sure, I’ve seen shitty, piss-poor games. I’ve seen games that started good, gave hints of the tides turning, and then completely raped my dog (figuratively speaking). Spider-Man: WoS isn’t one o...

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The best Spider-Man game ever made 0

As a big Spider-Man nerd, this game has everything I've ever wanted in a Spider-Man game. Honestly, the swinging mechanics are perfect, the combat is solid, and the aesthetics are great. The story was good, not great, but everything else about is is fantastic, IMO. At least give it a shot....

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Amazing is too strong a word, but it isn't terrible either. 0

I think this game picked up a lot of flack because people were disappointed with the fact that it was PSP port, and not a graphically stripped down PS3 port (myself included). But, if you can put aside those emotions, the game that lies underneath isn't bad, it just doesn't feel up to PS2 standards. The basics of the game are fun (mindless fun mind you), but the trouble is that it doesn't evolve past the basics. WHAT'S GOOD: Old School Feel: It's a throwback to the days of 2D beat-em-ups that u...

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One of the best spider-man games, unfortuantely. 0

This game is a great entry to the next generation consoles and Activision finally gets its head straight and to develop a highly improved sequel from the last spider man game (spider man 3). This game may be just another spider man game to the normal but to those who adore spidey they will love this game. Graphics: Spider man has some nice shades around and looks really good on a HD screen(and on normal tv's). The city looks plain and doesn't offer much of a view. It gets really glitchy and ten...

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Nice story but bad camera angles. 0

  It was a pretty good story for a Spider-Man game... I liked it but the only thing that ruin most of its moments were the bad camera angles. I've never played a game that had horrible camera angles like this game. But if you can deal with that you will be in for a treat with its story.... Oh and Spider-Man's voice sucks, but you get use to it... I beat it on the good story line because I feel that Spider-Man would have done the same. I didn't really want to play the game over on the bad story l...

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Wrapped in its own tangled web 0

Open world games have to walk a cobweb of fine lines to succeed. They need to have lots of things for the player to do. However, if you have too many things to do then you can't bug test the game enough. Combat needs to be simple, because the player is going to be doing a lot of it. If you make it too simple it gets monotonous and boring. Too complicated and it gets hard to keep track of what you need to do. Spider-Man: Web of Shadows tries to walk this cobweb, but falls and get tangled in itsel...

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Best Spider-Man game 0

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is a game that gets bashed on for no reason since it's a comic book game. I'll admit it has it's flaws, but a few of them aren't see. The story for web of shadows is an orginal story that has New York being taken over by the sybiotes and Venom. The story starts with you learning your abilities and is O.K and the end is actually pretty intresting. All the review I'm seeing "the 1st part sucks since it's too convoluted and doesn't make sence" Yes it does, it teaches you ...

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Spiderman Web of Shadows Review- 0

The last couple of Spiderman games have been pretty stale with "Friend or Foe" and "Battle for New york" but Web of Shadows seemed to have everything in place for a fantastic spiderman game, With a great combat system, comic worthy storyline and a giant and dynamicly changing city.The plot of Spiderman Web of shadows has Venom returning to new york and converting the populace of The City into a deadly symbiote army and its up to Spiderman to save the city and stop him. The game has multiple endi...

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Highly Amusing, For A While 1

As the title says the game is higly amusing but not for a long amount of time. The storyline is well written but minor flaws include lacking dialogue, and too much comical speech. Althoguh you can not doubt the use of allys, it would have been more enjoyable if they were playable characters. Finaly the four star decider is of course, the terrible voice overs and the small playtime time and lack of free roam. Still worth buying though....

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Repetitive, but excellent combat makes up for it. 0

In this game, you play as Spider-man trying to stop Venom from turning the entire city into monsters with the alien symbiote.  This is an original story, not based off any of the movies, so you don't have to endure Toby Maguire's abysmal voice acting throughout the game.  He's been replaced with someone who comes off sounding roughly about 18 - 22.  Many other reviewers have stated that Spidey's voice actor is annoying and whiney which in some parts it was but overall i thought it was pretty wel...

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Great fun for die-hard Web-Heads! 0


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Surprisingly Fun Spidey Title 0

 After the disaster that was Spider-Man 3 and the insultingly kiddy Spider-Man: Friend or Foe, we have a new Spider-Man game. In this one, Venom and a...well, shitload of symbiotes are taking over Manhattan. You are forced to help a wide array of people to try and deal with the symbiotes, with allies ranging from S.H..I.E.L.D to Kingpin. Now, the excellent web swinging mechanic is still in full effect. Swinging feels amazing. The feeling of speed is palpable. The combat has some combos, b...

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Embraces the challenge of making symbiotes boring 0

Spiderman : Web of Shadows : An original Spiderman action-adventure game…essentially what we’re getting in the absence of a Spiderman movie for Activision to try to cash in on. They even managed to shoehorn Wolverine in the game (right on the front box) to squeeze out some extra dollars. Story : In what could very well be filed under the most typical form of fan-fiction, Venom is unleashing an army of self-produced symbiotes. There’s a really melodramatic sequence at the beginning of the game wh...

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1 more step forward, for 2 more steps back 0

All these spider-man based video games have started a trend in my mind. I feel like every game in the web swinger series takes one step forward, and then takes two steps back, by improving on just one or two aspects, and then neglecting almost every thing else. Web of Shadows follows this trend by making the combat system more exciting, and making a slightly better swinging system, but neglecting to notice the terrible lock on system, laggy gameplay, severe gameplay bugs, and poor wall climbing ...

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