Best Spiderman game...

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As much as the web-swinging rules in the Spiderman 2 movie game, I still stand by this game being the best Spiderman game. All of the easter eggs, the cast of heroes and villains you encounter, the collectibles, and the cheats (three words: What If Mode) are great! While the whole tone is very goofy, I think it still fits in line with the tone of Spidey comics and his universe. Spiderman games have been on my mind lately with the new movie and game coming out so I apologize if this is a random topic but lets discuss this awesome game. If you disagree, let's hear your suggestion for the best Spiderman game.

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I definitely agree with Spider-Man. One of the things I most clearly remember about that game was "What If" Mode, too, and that side of it really blew my mind in terms of how much more it brought to the game. There was a lot to that game and I wish they could've modeled The Amazing Spider-Man to be a little more like that game. It was probably also the first game that got me interested in the proverbial "S-rank" in that it had given a lot of good incentive for 100% completion unlike other games from back then.

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@EquitasInvictus Totally agree about the "s-ranking" of the game. I was the same way. I remember obsessing about all of the comic covers and there were lots of alternate costumes to unlock. Great game. I need to replay it. Luckily I still have my copy!
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I really liked Spiderman 2. It's also the only Spiderman game I have ever played.

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Ultimate Spider-man. It had the same awesome web slinging mechanics, but a much more interesting city, plot, characters and much better combat.

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Spider-Man 2 has been the best open world game I've played so far but until I replay it Spider-Man on the PS1 and dreamcast is my favorite.

Spider-Man American Box Art

Plus it had my favorite dumb alternate costume "The Amazing Bag Man".

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