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Having existed more than 2,000 years before the events of Killer Instinct, Spinal is ripped from death's embrace by the evil Ultratech corporation. While he was a great warrior in his former life, he has little recollection of this, and being unfamiliar with his new surroundings, he choses to obey his new masters. He is initially lauded as a scientific breakthrough, though he is eventually overshadowed by Ultratech's other creations. Embittered by his rapidly declining value in the eyes of his creators and tormented by glimpses of his former life, Spinal fights nonetheless, as it is the only thing he remembers how to do. He is defeated in the tournament and returned to the dead by Chief Thunder, though this will not be the end of his tale.

After the cataclysmic timeflux at the end of the previous tournament, Spinal once again finds himself resurrected, this time by Gargos. Though he had served him in life, Spinal is nevertheless resentful of being denied the peace of the afterlife. Contrary to Gargos' wishes, he fights to end the fiend's treachery and return himself to the tranquility of the grave. 


Spinal relaxes poolside 
Killer Instinct
Growing weary of the bloodshed of the tournament, Spinal sets his sights on Hollywood. Though he draws an Oscar nod for his first performance, he is disappointed to find that there are very few roles suited to his particular talents.
Killer Instinct 2
Spinal takes possession of the artifact used to resurrect him. Unsure of his next course, he appeals to his ancestors for aid. He receives no response, however, and slowly he begins to realize that he faces an eternity without purpose or companionship.

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