Anyone else try this game out?

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Because of the recent release of F2P games on Steam i decided to check them out, most looked bland or bad *cough cough*Global Agenda*cough cough* but one caught my eye and it was this game, Spiral Knights.

This game is just awesome and after just an hour of playing last night with my brother i was hooked. Playing this with people you know is awesome and the mix of Diablo, Phantasy Star Online, and Zelda works great and as an added plus it runs well on pretty much any computer. Also, i was pleasantly surprised to find that there's built in voice chat in your party when you're going through the dungeons. I'm really pumped to see what the rest of this game is like, anyone else think so?

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Exams are nearly here, but by next week I'll be playing, sure.
Or heck, I'm going to download it now.
Steam ID:fireprince96.
Also, later today I'm free, so add me, we'll play.

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I did like some tutorial stuff, seems kinda neat.  But don't think i'll be investing alot of time into it.

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It's a great game, sucked me in like Phantasy Star.  If you are afraid of being addicted. the game has energy u need to expend each dungeon descent.  So every 24 hours u get enough for 10 dungeon descents.  That keeps it casual.  But if you want to play more than that u can buy more energy with in game money or real money

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Just downloaded it only to be reminded how ridiculously weak this PC is; the framerate regularly dropped down into the single digits. Sigh. At least I got an Achievement, so...

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Looks fun, but is it only fun with others? Or is it alright to play alone as well?

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Tried it out awhile ago on recommendation from the Penny Arcade guys, seemed okay.

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I'm liking it so far. The main dilemma in the game is that you only get so much free Energy (the currency for going dungeon diving) a day. So there's a huge incentive to plan out your dungeon trips wisely as opposed to just grinding them like in other games that makes everything pretty strategic, and also there's no filler content like in a lot of MMO's since there's no reason for the dev's to drag out the game for more subscription fees. There's also a risk/reward system to choosing the dungeon difficulty; harder ones give better loot, but if you get killed or have to leave before finishing and then you are kind of wasting your energy.

You can also buy more Energy with real money if you want, which is how the dev's make money. For 20 dollars you can get about 60 hours worth of dungeon time (useable whenever) which seems pretty reasonable for an otherwise free game.

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I added you fireprince.
my steam id is akel777.
I'm glad the energy prices have been dropping lately. They've been killing me when they were up to almost 7k crowns for 100 ce. A simple tier 2 run can get about 6-7k so now it's much better around 5k. I hope it gets even lower. Trying to stockpile as much as possible.

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Nope... I stopped playing F2P some time ago...

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I'm downloading this now... Add me on steam KingRedWing, I'll probably either be playing this or Terraria from now on haha

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Just completed the tutorial and it's pretty simple so far, but I'm enjoying it.

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I'm downloading it tonight, hopefully I'll have some time for it tomorrow. It looks interesting

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Alot of games to play right now dont have time for this. 

#15 Posted by Danteveli (1300 posts) -

I think I will give it a try next week.

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#17 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

@SethPhotopoulos said:

Actually, this video sums up my opinion of this game perfectly. Down to the tone of voice and everything.

Anybody wanting to play add me. My name online is Kyreo.

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It's an ok game, my main gripe with it is that it lacks skills, magic or anything of the sort, it's like a simplified Legend of Zelda.

#19 Posted by Marz (5721 posts) -

I admit i played about an hour of it so i can get the TF2 hat.

#20 Posted by Thoseposers (851 posts) -

@Madz said:

It's an ok game, my main gripe with it is that it lacks skills, magic or anything of the sort, it's like a simplified Legend of Zelda.

I think that's part of the reason i'm enjoying it, it's a quick pick up and play game that even my girlfriend has been able to get into and she is very uncoordinated when it comes to video games

#21 Posted by Madz (71 posts) -
@Marz: 1 hour for a sweet TF2 hat seems fair to me.
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@Marz said:
I did like some tutorial stuff, seems kinda neat.  But don't think i'll be investing alot of time into it.
Agreed. I'll keep it on my machine and maybe long in a couple times a month for a short while if I get bored or something, but I don't see myself spending hours and hours in this game.
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Been playing it, its pretty cool.
Its not awfully easy or hard, bit straigthforward but leveling my items and crafting is kinda neat.
+ the art style is ace!
Shame about the energy tho, I have some killer recipes for swords/guns and they cost me 50 energy to make, that's 5 dungeon floors! T_T

#24 Posted by Matt (1072 posts) -

This game gets really fucking hard and I like that.

#25 Posted by Sparklykiss (2035 posts) -

@Matt said:

This game gets really fucking hard and I like that.

That's what she sa-Shame on me, I won't say that.

I haven't touched this yet, but it looks cute and that's about all I need in a FTP game.

#26 Posted by Matt (1072 posts) -

@Sparklykiss: The art style is what sold me on it. Plus the hard dungeons are optional.

#27 Posted by Sparklykiss (2035 posts) -

@Matt: Well I know what I'm doing this weekend.

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It seems kind of fun but I don't really want to play with other people and its pretty difficult alone. Also I cant get a control scheme on my gamepad that im happy with.

#29 Posted by project343 (2876 posts) -

Conclusion: sex.

#30 Posted by Deusx (1939 posts) -

Anyone wanna Add me my ID is WeirdViking. I just started playing and it's great. The thing I don't really get is the whole "minerals to open gates" thing... The tutorial does not explain that very well.

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@Marz said:

I admit i played about an hour of it so i can get the TF2 hat.

That's what I intend to do. If it happens to hook me then so be it, I haven't tried any F2P games so this is a learning experience for me.

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i played it for an hour or two and had some fun, but i don't see myself going back to it. it didn't have that epic story that would keep me playing (unless i should have played a little longer)

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It's a lot of fun, and I get a real Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles vibe from it. I love the art style.

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I got my hat and got out.

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@Sparklykiss said:

@Matt: Well I know what I'm doing this weekend.

You should add me if you play. O.o I'm Kyreo on the servers. I can show you around. I've become quite addicted to this cute little fucker.

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I played for abit seems cool add my steam:Hockeymask27

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Messed about with it for an hour. I like it but I think I need a wired 360 controller for it to feel just right for me.

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The xbox controller is automatically detected but you need to set it up. Works great.

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This is a nice little game.. I am a noob, but if anyone wants to add me my steam ID is 'pubik_vengeance' (stupid name, I know). 
I am out of school for the year so I will be playing a lot of this I think.

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I remember hearing about this game from Ars Technica. Sounds like a game that'd be good for short bursts.

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Didn't like it much at first, but it's grown on me. My Steam ID is essess. Couldn't remember the password for my SEGA account, so my new character's name is Transmission. 
We should have a guild or something yo.

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Started playing this a couple days ago. It's simple and I dig it. And for $2.50 you can get enough energy to last you a couple days if you pace yourself. That's reasonable! Steam name is Linearice, feel free to join up.

Also, I set up my wired 360 controller to play the game like a dual-analog shooter. Left stick moves, right stick aims, face buttons use hotspot items and my triggers attack and guard. It's an awesome setup, extremely versatile, and immediately makes the game ten times more playable.

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