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The Spy Corps Mobile Command Center is the central area of all of Spy Fox's main adventures. Gadgets and other machines can only be found in the command center and it is also the only place to find Monkey Penny and Professor Quack. Being a mobile command center the location changes in every game.

Spy Fox in Dry Cereal

  • In Dry Cereal the command center is located under the plaza in a sunken ship. At the beginning of the game the only character in the command center is Monkey Penny but she is later joined by Professor Quack and Mr. Udderly. On certain playthroughs the M.E.S.S. can also be found in the command center.

Spy Fox in Some Assembly Required

The Spy Corps Mobile Command Center in Spy Fox: Some Assembly Required.
  • In Some Assembly Required the command center is located in a rundown RV trailer located in the parking lot. The command center once again houses the gadgets but this time also provides the player with a name tag maker that is used in one puzzle early in the game.

Spy Fox in Operation Ozone

  • In Operation Ozone the command center is located in a blimp floating above the bowling alley. In order to access the command center Spy Fox has to play the correct song of the jukebox and then ride the large decorative bowling pin to the balloon. The command center later holds Plato Pushpin, the cosmetic scientist.

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