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Squad 7 is made up of Gallian countrymen of various backgrounds. Because they are not as large or as experienced as the Gallian regular army, they are often poorly equipped and trained. This leads to them often being used as decoy units in difficult situations to clear the way for the Gallian regular army in the field of battle. Despite this grim reality, Welkin is able to lead his squad through those difficult situations to victory with his observational skills and admittedly eccentric tactics.

As the story progresses, Gallia would be dealt many large losses to their regular army as well the complete annihilation of some of the other squads that were built similarly to Squad 7. With these losses, Squad 7 would be forced to deal with tougher situations, such as leading Maximillian's massive battleship-like tank, the Marmota, through a minefield and destroying a huge lance with heavy Valkyrian interception fire, the Valkof.

The war comes to a close with Squad 7's unique talents and Welkin's leadership, and the members that make up the squad go their separate ways, some preferring a life of solitude or becoming a bodyguard or discovering love.

Gameplay Data

Squad 7 can have twenty units. Including Alicia, Largo, and Rosie (core members and leaders that cannot be taken out), this makes for seventeen different units. The player receives access to the Squad's roster upon Chapter 2's completion. The roster is randomized after the player defeats the tank in Chapter 2.

Not all units will be available after Chapter 2. Audrey Heitinga, Emile Bielert, Knute Jung, Lynn, and Musaad Mayfield require certain conditions to be unlocked.

Under most mission conditions, the death of the player's primary tank commander, Welkin, will automatically result in a game over.

In some missions, Welkin's tank will be unusable. During those missions, Welkin will be deployed as a scout instead of a tank commander.

After some progression into the story, the player will get a second tank commander, Zaka, who pilots the smaller tank, the Shamrock.

Squad 7 has fourteen different scouts, fourteen different shocktroopers, nine different lancers, eight different engineers, and five different snipers.

Scouts are as follows:

  • Aika Thompson
  • Alicia Melchiott (core member)
  • Cherry Stijnen
  • Freesia York
  • Hermes Kissinger
  • Juno Coren
  • Melville Young
  • Montley Leonard
  • Musaad Mayfield
  • Nancy Dufour
  • Noce Wordsworth
  • Ramona Linton
  • Susie Evans
  • Ted Ustinov
  • Wavy

Shocktroopers are as follows:

  • Aisha Neumann
  • Alex Raymond
  • Brigitte "Rosie" Stark (core member)
  • Coby Caird
  • Dorothy Howard
  • Edy Nelson
  • Hannes Salinger
  • Jane Turner
  • Kevin Abbott
  • Lynn
  • Mica Hawkins
  • Nina Streiss
  • Salinas Milton
  • Vyse Inglebard
  • Wendy Cheslock

Lancers are as follows:

  • Audrey Heitinga
  • Elysse Moore
  • Hector Calvey
  • Jann Walker
  • Largo Potter (core member)
  • Nils Daerden
  • Rosina Selden
  • Theold Bohr
  • Walter Nash
  • Yoko Martens

Engineers are as follows:

  • Claudia Mann
  • Dallas Wyatt
  • Herbert Nielsen
  • Homer Peron
  • Karl Landzaat
  • Knute Jung
  • Nadine
  • Ramsey Clement

Snipers are as follows:

  • Catherine O'Hara
  • Cezary Regard
  • Emile Bielert
  • Marina Wulfstan
  • Oscar Bielert

Other Appearances

Valkyria Chronicles 2

Welkin, Alicia, and Edy make actually appearances in the everyday scenes of the game. Welkin and Alicia will interact with some the students in Class G and can teach Avan Hardins orders that he can use in missions. Some characters from Squad 7 can be unlocked as playable characters by inputting passwords, clearing the game, and leveling classes to level fifty. A number of characters from Squad 7 are referenced in the game as well, but don't make actual appearances.

Valkyria Chronicles 3

Squad 7's core members make appearances in this game. Edy also makes an appearance due to her popularity in Japan.


Squad 7 is shown in the anime, but the squad is greatly reduced in terms of cast and numbers. In the anime, the squad consists of two tank commanders, two scouts, three shocktroopers, two lancers, three engineers, and three snipers. Other members of Squad 7 can be seen making up Faldio's Squad 1, or were assigned to other squads. Lynn is an interesting case, as she is not in any squads, but can be seen at the end of the anime embracing Karl.


Squad 7 has a much wider range than the Squad 7 in the anime. Nearly every character in Squad 7 can be seen in a panel or speak a line of dialogue. Many characters are also given a bit more development in the manga as well. For example, Nadine develops a love interest in Cezary Regard, who is stated to be racist against Darcsens, and Cezary's racism also diminishes gradually enough to want her safe in battle. This is how the artist interprets it, and not what happens in the game.

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