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One of the most exciting weapons that can be delivered in a game. Stake gun is weapon that acts as a bowgun or crossbow, it shoots a stake on such a high velocity that it can lift a target and nail them on the wall. Stake gun has been included in games like Painkiller.


Painkiller's Wooden Stake Gun

The Stake Gun
Mixed with in-game physics, a stake gun is the one of the most satisfying weapons ever to appear on a game. There is nothing like ramming a wooden stake on an enemy, or use it to impale a poor sucker against a wall or a building and watch them flop around helplessly while you pump their guts full of stakes. If you must ask - it is incredibly fun to watch.

The Stake Gun also has an alternate fire that shoots grenades in a slow high arc that explode seconds after hitting the ground. The grenade itself can also be shot by the wooden stake in flight, making it an ideal combo for players. This combo makes the grenade launcher short range but erupts instantly.

F.E.A.R.'s 10mm HV Penetrator

10mm HV Penetrator
A fully automatic stake gun that fires metal stakes. The Penetrator can fire metal stakes rapidly at precise accuracy, it has no gunpowder so it has a no recoil that never breaks accuracy at full blast. It also has the ability to pin human targets to walls or any stable objects.  The Penetrator has 25 shots per clip and has a label "NGD-7".

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