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Strategic insight from the box

Players take control of a snowspeeder on the planet Hoth, and are pitted against an endless stream of AT-AT walkers marching left to right. If a walker reaches the far right side of the game world, the game ends. The AT-ATs have ports that open periodically; fire a shot into that port, and the walker explodes in one shot. Otherwise, 64 shots are needed to bring one down.

By default, the player has 5 lives and can only take 3 shots before exploding (unless hit by a smart bomb). As the difficulty increases, the AT-ATs become faster, and the game ends when all 5 speeders are destroyed or when they reach Echo Base and destroy it.

Settings can be adjusted to change the movement speed of the walkers, or allow the walkers to fire smart bombs. Another option makes the walkers solid, which causes the ship to crash if it collides with the AT-AT sprite, rather than flying through.

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