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Hoth is a fictional planet from the Star Wars universe. It is a planet made almost entirely out of frozen water and does not have any permanent population. It is the sixth planet in a system of the same name. Hoth has three satellite moons and is in a solo cord system.

Native Species

Tauntaun and two rebel soldiers
Hoth has two species that are native to its frozen climate.

Wampa in an ice cave
The Tauntaun is a bipedal lizard and omnivore which has four nostrils and a think layer of fat and fur which makes it well equiped to survive in the subzero temperatures.

The Wampa is a bipedal carnivore which stands over 2 meters tall. It has 5 fingers on each hand and is equipped with large claws. The spit of the Wampa works as a natural adhesive which is used to suspend their prey from the ceiling of their homemade ice caves until they are prepared to eat. 

Echo Base

Echo Base Exterior
Planet Hoth was once home to the Rebel Outpost known as Echo Base. The base was not a military power house but instead relied on a powerful shield generater to protect it from an Empire attack. The base was in a very isolated part of the galaxy and thus was a perfect location to set up a rebel base. Echo Base could be evacuated in a reasonably short amount of time in the event of an attack. 

Echo Base was eventually discovered and  destroyed by Empire forces. The Planetary Defence Shield and efforts by ground forces were enough to permit the high ranking members of the Rebel Alliance to escape. 

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