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The Executor was the flagship of the Imperial Navy between the construction of the First and Second Death Stars, and served as the personal ship of Darth Vader. She was also the first of a class of Star

The executor
Dreadnaughts that were built to inspire fear and awe. Darth Vader and his Death squadron used it extensively as they hunted down the Rebel Alliance following their rout at Hoth. At a length of 19,000 meters it was almost twelve times as long as the Imperial-Class Destroyers making it comparable to a small city. It also supported a massive complement of troops and equipment with about 40,000 ground troops and hundreds of other support ground equipment. In addition it boasted a deadly arsenal with about 5000 Turbolasers and ion cannons and also carried two full wings of the TIE fighters. Its propulsion systems were equally massive, as its sheer size dictated the need for thirteen powerful engine thrusters. In a strict military sense the Executor was somewhat impractical and a waste of resources as a smaller ship could have fulfilled its mission duties. However, the ship served more as a political statement and as a testament to the new Empire's power, rather than being a potent battle station.The Executor saw action in several battles, notably at Hoth and above Endor's forest moon. It was above Endor that the Executor was destroyed, when a damaged rebel A-Wing fighter crashed into it's bridge, disabling it to the point where the Executor was pulled down by the Death Star's gravity well, and it crashed into the surface of the massive battlestation, exploding in a massive fireball.

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