Resolution mod?

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Is there any mods, or something that can higher the resolution in this game from its original? If not, it's alright. I think it still looks pretty good actually. I just thought it'd be awesome to get a higher resolution as well. I've tried finding one, though I don't expect to find one since I don't think there is a mod out there for better resolutions. If you miraculously know of something that can make the resolution higher, thanks in advanced for helping me find one... boy, too much of the same word over and over. Heh, heh... eh.
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I think this has been a problem with Starcraft. It's like hard coded into the game, not easy to fix. 
I don't know if this is laptop specific, but when I play low resolution games, my screen just resizes. You'd lose a lot of screen real estate, but it should look decent.

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@Leptok: You can change your full screen resize setting on Display Settings - Advanced.

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