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A textbook example of real time strategy gaming. 0

(Originally posted on under the name stevenscott14. Appears here slightly edited due to my perfectionist state of mind.)I'm sure everybody has heard of Starcraft - without a doubt one of the most influential PC games ever and one of the greatest examples of strategy-based gaming to this day. It's a game that has captivated thousands, maybe millions, since its release, so much that many people are still playing it today, whether over Blizzard's servers on, or simply experi...

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Hanssen's Review on Starcraft 1

  My review of Starcraft for the PC.   Blizzard Entertainment makes Starcraft.   Here is my review:   Before I give my review, I want to let you all know a good friend named Ryan Trusz (whom I known for 13 years before he died of Brain Cancer 2 days before my wedding to my current wife Kelly) for getting me into this game when I went to his house.   He had this game for his computer and when I finally got my own computer the first game I bought is Starcraft Battle Chest.   Thank you Ryan for tha...

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10 Years later, and I'm still playing 0

Starcraft has become a well known game over the years and for a good reason. It's a real time strategy game that is easy to pick up and play. How many other RTS games can you say this about? The game brings something to the table for all players. The casual gamer will enjoy the the short learning curve and fun user-created custom games, while the hardcore gamers will enjoy the amount of challenge and competition that still remains for the 10 year old game. Starcraft has gained much popularity ov...

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StarCraft... Masterpiece 0

In 1998, Blizzard released one of the most revolutionary RTS games of all time: StarCraft. The highly anticipated game was a spin-off of Blizzard’s successful WarCraft franchise, and it meets all the standards set by its noble lineage with flying colors. StarCraft changed the way developers made their games forever, setting an example for quality that even today’s games have trouble aspiring to. With its innovative gameplay, fantastic graphics, and compelling storyline, StarCraft is an instant c...

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The Greatest RTS game ever... 0

As old as it is, and as outdated as it is Starcraft is a must play game. There is no denying Blizzard's brilliance in the developing of this game. Perfection is a good word to describe this game, because eleven years after its release, I still have zero issues with the game, and I still play it.Gameplay: BrilliantThe briliance behind Starcrafts excellent gameplay, lies in how different the three races, the Zerg, Terran and Protoss are, yet they are so balanced. The zerg can do things that Terran...

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Hands-Down, Best PC Game of the Century!! 0

I've played this game ever since I was a kid! I love that you can do LAN parties with up to eight people. And, I like that you can add your own custom maps. I swear this game never gets old!!!! There's always new strategies you can implement, and you can figure out new tricks/techniques all the time!...

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Still Fun 10 Years Later 0

Originally posted on my blogI still remember the first time I tried to play StarCraft. Note that I said tried… We ran a pretty pathetic rig back in those days. I’m sure it was decent at some point, but our 90 MHz (seriously!) junker couldn’t quite run anything! StarCraft installed and I even managed to get it to boot, but playing it…well it ran at a snail’s pace. I even remember trying to play it with my friend Tony over the Internet on our 14.4 modem (I know…). Needless to say, I never quite go...

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The Real time strategy game that chained the genre forever. 0

     I recently returned to play Starcraft after the announcement of Starcraft two to relive memories and see how well the game had held up and needless to say this game is timeless and is still my favorite  RTS of all time.      The brilliance of this game is the seemingly perfect balance between the three races (Terran, Protoss and Zerg). Visually the game still looks good although the low resolution can be tough on the eyes. The art direction is beautiful and the units and buildings all look ...

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Starcraft Review 0

This truly is a masterpiece. The artwork and the graphics are beautiful for such an old game (10 years at the time of writing!). I recently picked this up because a friend recommended it and it was a fantastic recommendation. For a mere $20 I got both Starcraft and the expansion plus both guide books. The online play is fun and addictive with amazing longevity due to it being free, easy to use and includes a very good map editor/maker (which the community has really got into). Most of the games ...

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Starcraft 0

Released March 31 1998, Blizzard Entertainment's Starcraft is a must for any strategy fan.   Like any game from this studio, Starcraft sets the quality bar extraordinarily high for the strategy genre.  At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, one could argue that no strategy game released since has lived up to this title with regards to narrative, creative races, and gameplay balance.At the heart of the Starcraft universe lies a compelling space opera with three races jockeying for galatic supremacy:...

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Excellent 0


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Starcraft a wonderful RTS 0

  This is my First review since about middle school, so let me know what you all think.  Image from gamespot This my review of Starcraft. This game is a science fiction real-time strategy video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. This is the first game in the series which was released for Windows on March 31, 1998. It is one of the best selling games for the PC, with more then nine million copies sold worldwide as of May 21, 2007. Hell the Starcraft Battle chest is only $20! For th...

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Rusty's StarCraft Review 0

There are many games out there who have been awarded the, “Greatest Game of All Time,” title, but I don't think any other game deserves it as much as StarCraft. It practically birthed competitive gaming, and took it to the extremes; countries like South Korea have TV channels dedicated to people playing StarCraft. With the release of StarCraft 2 in a few months (hopefully) time, I decided to let you guys know my opinion on this wonderful game. The story is spread out over 3 campaigns, each of wh...

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There are times... 1

You realized you missed a game so much, like a child without his safety blanket.And one day, you found it from a dusty closet, hold it up like some ancient treasures: all those shouting, sleepless night memories fell right back into place. Yes, it's a competitive game, but nothing from this game gives you a head rush, not at all, it has a sesne of familiarity, it grows on you.Starcraft is such a game, to me, and to many others.No company did their games quite like Blizzard, who endorse the word ...

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the classes 0

This game is a true vision and the perfect  thing to play to await for the newest StarCraft, it is amazing for you WarCraft I II  Players. it's good go to game when you are board of WarCraft I would rec amend it to all RPG playersZerg: builds towers in the game and buildings heal them selfs units are not as storng as Protoss or Tarren but you can have more volume of unitsunits sacrifice's  them selfs  ( can't get  simpler )Protoss: can only spawn buildings in zones around other building called p...

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Starcraft review 0

Starcraft is my all time favorite video game on every level. the soundtrack kicks ass, the graphics are gorgeous, the acting is great, and the characters are 3 dimensional and lovable. a masterpiece of rts games! so lets raise our beers and Champlains for bizzard for making some of the best games EVAR!!!...

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