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Basic Info  

Starky is a short alien whose ship crash landed in the El Nido Triangle. When Starky speaks the words shown in the text box usually have many repeated letters to convey his alien form of speech. In battle his innate color is white and his weapon is a ray gun. Starky also has a robot that he can call upon, which is used in most of his techs. 


 During his interstellar travels Starky's ship malfunctioned causing him to crash land in the El Nido Triangle. His ship broke up into many pieces called star fragments, so he set out to find the pieces and return home. Starky eventually made his way to Sky Dragon Island where he took on a larger form to scare the archaeologists into giving him his missing star fragments. When Surge shows up on Sky Dragon Island with a star fragment Starky attacks him. When defeated he decides to help Surge. He locates his ship and takes out the anti-gravity device, which allows for the party to fly into Tetra Tower. 
According to an ending of the game Starky was sent to the Chrono Planet so that he could find out whether or not it should be destroyed.  

How to Recruit

 In home world there is a glowing spot in the middle of the El Nido Triangle. At the end of the area you find a star fragment. If you take it to the top of Sky Dragon Island Starky will initiate a battle. When you win he decides to go with you. 


  Star Light - Acquired at star level 3 . Summons Starky's robot to attack one enemy
 Star Burst - Acquired at star level 19. Summon Starky's robot to attack all enemies 
 Meteor Zap - Acquired when you go to Starky's ship in Another World with Starky in your party. Summons Starky's robot to crash down on a single enemy.

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