Valve Grabs Another 10 Games From Greenlight

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#101 Posted by deerokus (536 posts) -

@CptMorganCA said:

@IrrelevantJohn said:

La-Mulana is pretty good guys. You will rip your hair out :)

So exactly how similar is it to something like Spelunky XBLA? Because if the answer is very, I can get behind it.

Not at all like it. It's more like a castlevania kind of game (except a lot more interesting). There's a quick look on the site from a while back.

#102 Posted by cbarnes86 (547 posts) -

Akaneiro is Diablo-esque and pretty good from what little I played of it

#103 Posted by petbevc (4 posts) -

they have a good choise of games

#104 Posted by NowSayPillow (183 posts) -

Excited about La-Mulana. Wanted to try it since the Quick-Look.

#105 Posted by psoplayer (237 posts) -

Yay, La-Mulana totally deserves this!

#106 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1631 posts) -

DLC Quest was... interesting. Played it on XBL indie games. from what I remember it was kinda short, but also kinda funny...

#107 Posted by Dacnomaniac (440 posts) -

SO HAPPY that Unepic finally made it! They've been trying for a LONG time.

#108 Edited by RockstarRunner (25 posts) -

Asylum! but I sure as hell wont recommend it to Patrick who wrote off Scratches after 2 minutes.... sad, that game has such intense atmosphere when it gets going, scariest game i've played, hands down...

#109 Posted by zeus_gb (595 posts) -

I'm glad Unepic is on the list.

#110 Posted by Tordah (2471 posts) -

I think this is the most interesting Greenlight list so far. Eador, La-Mulana, Unepic, War For The Overworld and The Age of Decadence all seem like they're right down my alley.

#111 Posted by evilb0y (18 posts) -

Unepic found its way to Steam finally

#112 Posted by theshape108 (10 posts) -

Nice list, definitely some things I am interested in...but let's get real for a minute here, why has Pinball Arcade not been Greenlit yet?

#113 Posted by Gega (4 posts) -
#114 Posted by TooWalrus (13139 posts) -

@grayfox1210 said:

The lack of Euro Truck Simulator 2 displeases me.

Uh... Just loaded up Steam to see this:

#115 Posted by EXCellR8 (97 posts) -
#116 Posted by fisk0 (3874 posts) -

@Christoffer said:

@Viking_Funeral said:

After Towns and War Z, I'm a little wary of Greenlight. Hopefully these kind of mistakes aren't made again.

War Z wasn't on Greenlight, was it?

It wasn't, that developer could bypass the approval process because they already had another game on Steam, War Inc.

#117 Posted by envane (1159 posts) -

finally la mulana ... now they can close greenlight

#118 Posted by Edmundus (260 posts) -

@Riboflavin said:

It's a about fucking time they grabbed La Mulana, that game is been done and out on other services for a while. And its awesome.

My thoughts exactly. Fantastic soundtrack too!

#119 Posted by Tychoid (42 posts) -

Kind of surprised DLC quest got on there. Its not really even a game, so much as a half-assed commentary on bad DLC practices.

Bout time La-Mulana got on there though. Unepic is a pretty decent metroidvania too.

#120 Posted by spraynardtatum (2628 posts) -

I'm just waiting for Routine to get released. That game looks like Alien, Moon, and Drive combined.

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