Best Controller?

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I'm looking to play games on my MacBook Air. I want to buy a controller. What should I buy? I know that Playstation controllers are bluetooth. Should I buy a PS3 controller or wait until the drivers are released for the PS4 controller? Is it even possible for me to use a 360 controller on a Mac? Thanks.

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If the Xbox one controller works I'd vote for it, I think it is the best controller I have used yet.

similarly, if you prefer Playstation controllers, go with the Duel shock 4

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At the moment the 360 pad is the best controller for a mac. I sold my Macbook a year ago so I could buy a real PC, so I cannot test my X1 controller on it; I would be surprised if it works as well as the 360 pad at the moment.

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There's software out there to make both controllers work. Just pick the one you like the most.

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