I have no friends on steam :(

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Sent you a request good sir

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I've always been a gaming hermit, but I really should work on that, so feel free to add me.


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Only recently started seriously getting into PC games and all my mates are on consoles so happy to have people add me.


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I don't either. I shall now add everyone here.
Anyone wants to add me, go right ahead: http://steamcommunity.com/id/trulyalive/

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"Use the Giant Bomb Steam friends thread and bulk up your Steam friends list in no time, see results in less than 365 days!"

Goes without saying as I've been adding people throughout this thread but if anyone else wants to have me take up a slot of their precious, precious friends list, give me an add.


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Yeah I have like no steam friends either. If anyone wants to add me feel free,

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Yeah I have like no steam friends either. If anyone wants to add me feel free,

Might need to pop a link to your username there Duder.

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Be my friend!


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@pageboy: lol

oh and heres my steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Vyktarious/

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I'll add you.

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I have a bunch of co-op games on Steam and all of my friends ran off and got these things called "careers" so they're too busy to play now. If anyone wants to add me and check out the games I have and see if you wanna play any together, add me and send me a message. Just looking for some cool people from the GB community who enjoy co-op gaming, crude humor, and the occasional six-pack.


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Abit late to the party, but added a bunch of guys from here

Feel free too Add me aswell http://steamcommunity.com/id/Nicsenlai/

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Might aswell add myself to the list

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My Steam friend list is a little bare too, so if anyone wants to add me feel free


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Feel free to add me duders!


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The time is right to that that friends list furnished


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My friend list is empty so please feel free to add me.


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I'll get in on this.

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sure why not, it's the same user for me, onarum

feel free to add me

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Currently playing through Borderlands 2, but my few steam friends only play TF2 or Dota.. whereas i'm trying to be a bit more diverse with my gaming :D

Feel free to add me,

Steam id: Fennethefuzz

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Feel free to add me guys - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011748129

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I play a good bit of CSGO, but I play a bunch of other games here and there.


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Friends are overrated.

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Add me, my user ID on steam is ivarara

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Hey guys new to the Giant Bomb community and as to the Pc gaming scene switched over from console gaming in need of some Steam Friends. Am a casual gamer and love it all nothing in specific just into having some good friends for a good gaming session. Add me my Steam Name is Och713. Thanks

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@och713: Added you. Welcome to PC gaming. :)

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