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Street Cop is the sixth game produced by Bandai for the Power Pad (or Family Trainer) accessory and the fifth and final to be released in the US. Notably, it was one of the few Power Pad games that Nintendo themselves did not publish in the US, leaving Bandai's American branch to handle the release.

Unlike earlier games in the Family Trainer series, which tended to be athletic/exercise games, Street Cop has the player fighting crime by investigating suspicious hiding places and routing out the ne'er-do-wells with violence. In each mission the wanted criminal is shown briefly before absconding and its up to the player to direct the policeman around using the Power Pad buttons in order to track the criminal down. This involves going left and right, turning 90 degrees to enter different areas (when available) and turning 180 degrees to reverse direction. Players can also find items like aluminum cans, which can be thrown at criminals as well. Defeating all of the criminal's lackeys will force them to reveal themselves, allowing the player to arrest them and finish the level.

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