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#1 Posted by Driadon (3087 posts) -

Well, they announced a version of our favorite little game for our favorite little device. Problem being: how the hell would we be able to play this?!
Anyway, here's a link for anyone still curious.

#2 Posted by luce (4056 posts) -

I heard they're also considering a psp version which is cool.

#3 Posted by Th3_James (2594 posts) -

I would never want to play street fighter on my iphone..... or any portable

#4 Posted by VWGTI (1946 posts) -

Ewwwwww! This will most likely be terrible. I have enough trouble trying to play Street Fighter with a 360 controller. I can't imagine trying to play this with terrible iPhone controls.

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Wow, IGN sure is an independent and reliable news source huh? They've captioned one of the pictures "Capcom's virtual stick should make it easy to pull off fireballs." It's a fricking touch screen! Capcom worked for 'months' to come up with the same control scheme I saw an NES emulator on the iphone using over a year ago?  Why don't they just paste the press release and be done with it?

#6 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

Remember SF on the GBA? Yeahhhhh.

#7 Posted by Jeffsekai (7155 posts) -

We need 3 threads about this!

#8 Posted by skrutop (3812 posts) -

Good thing I have AT&T, and thus multitasking.  This way I can play SFIV on my iPhone AND review Ken's flowchart at the same time!

#9 Posted by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

That's so awesome. I'm stoked about this but I do want a PSP version also.

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