Uncertainty regarding TE's and Super TE's

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So I am considering on purchasing a fightstick. My only boggle is that I read on kotaku that the Super TE's will have a 'slimmer' body, so what I want to know is does this imply that there will be some weight difference between the current TE's and the Super TE's? If so will this have a possible affect upon button execution if I am playing with the stick on my lap?  I am aware that the kotaku article states ' Tournament Edition "S" gets its "S" for its slimmer body. That doesn't have any real impact on the way the stick plays'
I hope you experienced stick players can help me out because there is a possibility that this is a superfluous question.  Primarily, are the SSFIV sticks worth waiting for? 

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a guy from mad catz said they will both have the same weight diffence is the new slimmer body the lock button will lock turbo and start and select (or back), and more of the stick is artwork.

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Even if it were lighter, it wouldn't have any impact on how the stick plays. The weight does help keep the stick from sliding around on your lap, though. Like Gambit said, I believe it'll be about the same weight, just slim. 
edited because I forgot something.
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shinJN says they retained the original TE's weight (a very important aspect of what makes the TE good).

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Personally I like the added weight of the TE we have now, it makes playing on your lap or even table a lot easier. Also, I would think that once new sticks are out, the current TE's will drop in price even more. They are great and were designed to last a while. With how easy it is to mod and change parts, it really is the last stick you'll buy for a while. 

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