To People who complain about load times....

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Go Under Options and install it, i have literally seamless gaming with it now on my PS3, why its not a manual install i'll never understand when most of my PS3 games if they offer install, install themselves before i can play...but anyways anyone whose bitching about load times, install it, don't have a big enough hard drive oh well, thats why the systems should have a built in 500gb hard drive at minimum, IMO if next gen PS and XBOX don't have a standard hard drive so they know everyone has a minimum of 500gb of space, then they're fucking Morons....just IMO but i know a bunch of friends that feel the same way about storage, and if Wii U(or whatever the name might be at the release date) doesnt have a Hard Drive or SSD drive then they already have failed....just IMO let me know what you think if you want.....PEACE DUDERS....

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