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A Great Burger With No Fries 0

Alright, before we start this review let's just deal with the elephant in the room. Yes, Capcom has included 12 characters on the game, meaning they were ready when the game came out and they easily could have already included them, but instead are making you pay extra for them. And yes, that is somewhat messed up to say the least. Although I will say that I'm very happy with how the entire gaming community has sort of come out as one against this practice this time and might cause gaming compan...

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Lessons unlearned. 0

I lied. I said a few months back that I wouldn’t be purchasing Street Fighter X Tekken on account of learning a valuable lesson on how Capcom does business. I was the fool that purchased the Limited Edition of Ordinary Marvel vs. Capcom 3, guffawed at the homogenous collector’s comic that was loosely attached to the tin case, then sold said case immediately because Ultimate Less-Ordinary Marvel vs. Capcom 3 happened. I had vowed then and there to never buy a first generation Capcom game again, a...

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A fresh take on a classic formula 0

Street Fighter and Tekken have both enjoyed a rivalry dating back many years. Offering the best of their individual worlds, they've accumulated fans that stuck by them through thick and thin. Street Fighter X Tekken tries to blur those lines and bring everyone together in a grand meshing of 2D and 3D fighting. While favoring the Street Fighter model of play (the upcoming sibling title Tekken X Street Fighter doing the exact reverse) it is hard to imagine the very specific Tekken playstyle workin...

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Has Capcom Really Crossed the Line? 1

Street Fighter X Tekken feels like a dream fighting game that fans have been clamoring for years so they have can answer the obvious questions that who would win a fight between characters from these franchises. Now these can be resolved in Capcom's latest filled with gameplay systems completely new and controversial depending on how you spin it. Like most people, I was a little worried how this game will turn out with all these additions, but it turns out that I should not be worried anymore. R...

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It's a fighting game? 1

As of right now Street Fighter x Tekken isn't a very good game. Capcom's controversial launch with keeping tons of DLC still on-disc, a hot issue, including colors, gems and characters has irked fans. To make matters worse, when actually playing the game and getting online SFxT doesn't feel like a game that was..actually..y'know tested. Regardless of the version there is audio bugs online where you can't hear stage music or the sounds of hits, character imbalance is blatant and some characters e...

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2 fighting kings=silver 0

Street Fighter x Tekken clashes two of the biggest fighting franchise in the 2D and 3D world. It does it pretty well.Street Fighter 4 fans will be happy to hear that this closely resembles to Street Fighter 4 in many ways. The gameplay is rewards timing and patients. However it does have a pretty big learning curve compared to other Capcom fighters, with EX moves, Unique attacks, cross arts, cross assaults, pandora , mid combo swtiches, launchers, and of course the gem system. The GEM system is ...

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As a game: decent. As a package: trash 0

Many have maligned Street Fighter X Tekken, especially in the Fighting Game Community. I find however, in the core of it, the most important part, it's quite decent. Maybe even a little more than that. Okay, so I'm far from the type who will play this for 36 hours a day and find all of these crazy glitches and infinites, but then again if I were the type I don't think I'd end up enjoying any game. What is here is a solid, playable game, and I find that the Tekken characters were pretty well-adap...

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High Hopes Fulfilled 0

Never have I more eagerly awaited a video game than “Street Fighter X Tekken.” I sought out every announcement and rumor associated with the game ever since it was unveiled at Comic-Con in 2010. I had daily debates on what characters should be included and who would be top tier. I even constructed a custom arcade stick to play it on. My high hopes have been justified by my first week with “Street Fighter X Tekken.” Capcom has crafted a beautiful fighting game with just a few flaws on the periphe...

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Such a Major Disappointment 2

Street Fighter x Tekken is just alright at its best. The graphics are terrific, gameplay is decent (though the gem system is incredibly dumb in my opinion) and there are tons of characters to choose from. To make matters worse Capcom's attempt to nickel-and-dime player is just disguising. In the end it just feels rather bland... especially when compared to a game like 2011's Mortal Kombat remake. Give it a rental at best....

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Time to fight in the biggest fighting crossover. It's rather good 0

If there’s one thing I do love playing in the world of gaming, it’s fighting games. I have a deep affection for them, and have played most of the franchises that dedicate themselves to letting you beat up the opposition in whatever manner is available. Amusingly, if you had asked me five years ago if a game would come out that would let you pit the best of the Street Fightercharacters against that of the Tekken cast, I would have humbly laughed in your face. How times have changed, because right...

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Two Fighting game Juggernauts collide! 0

Street Fighter X Tekken is the first in two planned crossovers from Capcom and Namco that focuses on their main fighting games. SFXT utilizes the system built from Street Fighter IV, including the visuals, combat system, and netcode from that game, while still appealing to Tekken fans since moves from Namco’s classic fighter can still be used.There is a fairly balanced roster available for each side, and DLC characters are available based on which console or platform you choose to play on. There...

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