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Strike Force Bowling features several basic modes of play, such as open play or match play, and also includes a practice mode and a challenge mode.  There are seven different locales available (bowling alley, pirate ship, mars base, and others), with an unlockable variant of each.  The playable characters range from average humans to robots and skeletons.  While the characters do have different starting statistics, all of their stats (power, accuracy, spin) are adjustable and all characters start with the same number of points, so there are no real differences to which one you choose aside from left vs right handed.  There are 14 different bowling balls to choose from with different weights, cores, and cover, which all affect how the ball rolls.  Keeping with the theme (ridiculousness?), some examples include a ball painted like the earth with a "mud" cover and "magma" center, and a coconut with a liquid center.

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