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Like the first game, you once again take the role of a budding fashion mogul trying to manage your own boutique.

New features include:

Men as customers: Men are now included as customers. You can even help out couples.

Better shop customization: You can now edit the outside of your shop, as well as the sidewalk, sign and window dressings.

More clothing: Over 12,000 clothing items. 19 women's brands and 4 men's exclusive brands. Returning brands are: AZ-USA, Raven Candle, and Marble Lily.

More makeup options: Blush and Perfume now included, as well as specific cosmetic brands.

Purses and bags are now available to sell.

Decorate your apartment: Now you can spend your money on more than just clothes and makeup. Furniture, carpets, and wallpaper now available to completely redo your apartment.

Runway Contests: The Runway Contests now allow you to not only choose the model you would like to work with, but also allow you to customize hair and makeup.

Street Pass: If you fill out a profile card you can share this with others who also own the game. Their can visit the shop as customers.

There have been three downloadable fashion releases; one based on a real Japanese brand LIZ LISA doll, and two based on Animal Crossing Club LOL and GracieGrace.

Download Version

Block size: 10,500 blocks (1.35 GB)

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