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The Super Game Boy is a special cartridge produced by Nintendo for the Super NES that has a slot in which Game Boy games can be inserted. The device allows the user to play Game Boy titles on a television through the SNES. Many Game Boy games utilized the Super Game Boy for special effects or upgrades. There are some games that contain features such as upgraded music, voice clips, multiplayer functionality, special borders, special color pallets, or even new control schemes that can only be accessed through the Super Game Boy. Custom borders can be created by using the SNES Mouse to paint it.

A Super Game Boy II was released exclusively for Japan. This upgrade included a link cable port due to the universal popularity of Pokemon.

Player's Guide

In 1994, around the release of the Super Game Boy, Nintendo released a companion book entitled Super Game Boy Player's Guide. The book was part of a promotion from Nintendo where they sent it to subscribers of Nintendo Power. The book chronicles the features of the Super Game Boy, including game specific special features.

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