will this game stay faithfull to the fans and its roots?

#1 Posted by captaincool246 (45 posts) -

i'm an all around nintendonut! since i started gaming over 13 years ago ive played a crapload of mario and i can tell you good from bad(bad being rare in my opinion) and recently nintendo has focused alot on the fans and nostalgia and i wonder if this game will stay true to the red plumbers style? or take a turn for the unique and innovative style that nintnedo is also known for that can be hit or miss

#2 Posted by ReyGitano (2491 posts) -

There will always be a core Super Mario. Outside of that though Mario Kart, Paper Mario, Superstar Saga; stuff like that already exists that's pretty different.

#3 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Looks very faithful to me. Looks like a throwback to the glory days of Mario.

#4 Posted by ajamafalous (12539 posts) -

I prefer jelly nintendonuts, myself.

#5 Posted by Kjellm87 (1735 posts) -

Seem like a mix of Mario Galaxy and Mario 3, so needless to say: I'm hyped.

Latest news about it: Tanooki Suit won't be the only suit to make a return.

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What the hell does it mean to stay faithful to 'fans'?  I can understand the 'roots' I guess but that irritates me just as much.  You know what being faithful leads to?  The same shit regurgitated with presentation improvements.  It means Madden and Call of Duty.  People think they want things to stay faithful to whatever it is that they feel a game franchise once was but they are wrong.  That's why fans aren't game developers.

#7 Posted by IBurningStar (2207 posts) -

I'm pretty sure there will be jumping and mushrooms involved, so yes, I do think it will be faithful to its roots.

#8 Posted by MEATBALL (4072 posts) -

I heard that after the first 15 minutes Nintendo pull a bait and switch. The camera seemlessly transitions into a first person view and the Goombas sprout machineguns.

#9 Posted by ShaggE (7296 posts) -

Its roots, eh? I dunno, climbing a bizarre building to dethrone a barrel-throwing gorilla seems a wee bit archaic now.

#10 Posted by craigbo180 (1763 posts) -

Everything I have seen so far looks pretty poor, I don't like the style and it has been said they are targeting a more casual player which is never a good thing for Nintendo to say. Though I must say I have enjoyed just about every platforming Mario game I have ever played to varying degrees so I have not yet lost faith. I will probably wait to hear critical opinion before I decide if I am going to get this game or not but if all the tanooki suit can do is let you flutter jump that is beyond a joke.

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