sepultallica86's Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Super Mario Bros. 2 is a sequal to the 1985 smash hit

This is the second game in the Mario series to be released in North America. Your main goal is to travel across 8 worlds with all new enemies different from the first game, as well as 4 playable characters. You can play as Mario who controls the same, and Luigi whos has a fluttering jump, then Toad who isn't very playable at all, and lastly, the Princess Peach who has a glide after she jumps.
The basic gameplay looks similar to the first game, but has you jumping on enemies then picking them up, then throwing them at enemies to kill them. The character movement in this game is pretty smooth, and has no problems. Frame rate is all up to speed and never seems to slow down. Each world in this game is very imaginative, looks very clean and has good platforming mechanics, making the game very fun, and not boring. This game is not as fresh as the first but plays almost as well. Each world has 4 levels with a sub boss (Birdo later) half way through. The boss battles have you to jump on objects or items they throw or spit at you, then pick them up and throw it at them to deal damage. This game also has some secrets to find for warping purposes.
The controls are the same as the previous game, with jumping around performing platforming. Each character has the ability to do different things on each level putting the replay value up a lot more, making the game a much more engaging experience. All in all Super Mario Bros. 2 is an excellent game with many values and unique levels to keep you wanting to play the game. This game is a very fun experience, while not living up to the potential of the first game in the series, this is still a very solid platforming game that should have fun written all over it. Also instead of pipes you go down vases, with the reccurring bean stocking to find secrets accesses. This game is playable for anyone, and isn't very hard, but may find some difficult spots throughout, but I insist you at least check this game out, it is great, but not perfect.


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