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A plumber out to save a Princess... it works!

 Super Mario Bros. is a platforming game where you take control of a character by the name of Mario. You are in the Mushroom Kingdom and are set out to rescue Princess Peach who was captured by King Koopa. Enemies consist of Goombas, Koopas, pipe plants, and many others. The main plot of this game is to jump from platforms, and stomp on enemies heads to kill them. You can also go down some greens pipes, to collect coins or take a different route. You can collect coins within the game, and 100 coins gain you a free life, while you start out with 3. Also after you die 3 times its game over, and you have to start from the the beginning.

This game is consisted of 8 Worlds, and 4 levels in each, level 2 consisting of the dungeon levels, and level 4 the castle, where you fight King Koopa at the end of each. The contols are very smooth on the NES controller, and I have absolutely no problems what so ever with the controls. There are blocks set up within the game, and you jump up and hit your head under blocks to either give you coins, or a mushroom, which grows Mario as where he can take 2 hits to die, but speed is slowed, and so is mobility. Then if you have a mushroom, you can hit blocks until you find a Fire Flower. These turn your suit white and you can shoot fire balls at enemies to kill them.

This game isn't the hardest game out there, but you'll find yourself playing for a while before beating all in one sitting, because its not all that easy either, because even if you make it to 8-4 and get a game over, your back to 1-4.

Each World has its own unique design, and the worlds are very creative as well. Each level, if you are good enough has a way to speed run through everything without stopping, making this games replay value very good indeed. There is also a time limit in each level, so you can't exactly take your sweet time either, because once the timer runs out, your dead and you lose a life.

The only bad aspect of this game, which isn't really that bad, is the frame rate of the enemies on some later levels, where they go invisible slightly, and can lead you to die, but it only happens for a plit second. Also i wish you could start out with at least 5 lives, 3 is making a tad bit to hard, and rings take a while to build up to 100, you pretty much have to hit every box.

Well in conclusion, This game is one of the best games ever created, and still plays very well by todays standards, and should be played by everyone. This game has revolutionized platformer games, and has a legacy of being, well one really awesome game.


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