Bushwald Sexyface's List of Sexyllence

Listen, I don't have a lot of time before that king bloke gets back, so I'll have to do this quick. Bushwald Sexyface here, and I thought I'd remind you gents how sexy your hobby is. In fact, I've selected several things about it which excel in the area of sexiness. I describe them as having "sexyllence."

List items

Posted by brukaoru

  For one, I'd make her grow a 'stache.  

 Lol! Great list! 
Posted by LordAndrew

Sexy list.

Posted by Stefan


Posted by AlwaysAngry

Well uh... that was... sexy?

Posted by Video_Game_King
Don't look at me, even this weirds me out.
Posted by AlwaysAngry
@Video_Game_King: You know what weird me out? 
You have a friend who refers to himself/herself as "Bushwald Sexyface."
Posted by Video_Game_King
He chose the name as soon as he was....created. It's, um, it's a complicated thing.
Posted by AlwaysAngry
@Video_Game_King: Do I want to know?
Posted by Video_Game_King
The real question is, "Do you want to know?"
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Posted by TechHits

Clicked on this cuz of all the sex, would do it again if I had to.