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Doesn't the word "classic" fix it into a set time? That's how it works with European history, at least (IE we don't define classical Rome as 1600-2500 years ago).

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@cornbredx: We should rename "core" to "enthusiast" when talking about gamers.

Not a bad idea.

I've been saying this for how long now?

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Anybody got any ideas on how to make writing about video games financially viable?

Record YouTube videos in which you write about video games?

Are you seriously saying that on some level, people would pay to see me:

  • type out rough outlines of my points
  • consult my notes for said rough points
  • fuck about getting the rough outline to work
  • getting distracted for twelve minutes as I search for a link or point to make in my writing
    • only to remember that I was writing something
      • only to remember what distracted me in the first place

Or whatever the writing process is?

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I'm reading Ebert's Wikipedia article (because I don't know Siskel's first name (or last name; I don't know which name Siskel is!)), and I stumbled across this quote:

In August 2004 Stephen King, in a column, criticized what he saw as a growing trend of leniency towards films from critics including Ebert. His main criticism was that films, citing Spider-Man 2 as an example, were constantly given four star ratings that they did not deserve.

Needless to say, I'm in a nihilistic mood for the rest of the day.

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One thing I'd like to see covered in Pop Facts that not a lot of people know of is the Balmung glitch in Seisen no Keifu. Through some weird save fuckery I can't remember, you can get one of the game's better swords onto one of the game's better characters (assuming you paired your characters up properly).

As for actual myths.....I've got nothing. The closest I have is more Fire Emblem, but that's about it.

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The problem in today's atmosphere is how do we make this Siskel and Ebert and not Egoraptor and JonTron? Hell, I'd even settle for Penn & Teller! (Grating and in your face, but still very well considered.)

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anybody got any ideas on how to make writing about video games financially viable?

It would probably require every person who ever visits a video game website to disable ad-block.

In other words, we're fucked.

Or a subscription model for quality writing. In other words: super fucked.

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Another thing McShea was famous for, was rating critically acclaimed games with a 7.5/10. He got constant shit for his reviews, both in his reviewspage and the forums and beyond that.

Carolyn wrote articles about misogyny in videogames and whether this is a development we should actively dismiss. Again, an author who goes further than "You shot that guys face off with a rocket launcher! Awesomesauce!".

The lay-off of these two people are quite shitty. This reaffirms that the videogame industry does not want dissent voices as reviewers. Everything has to be the same regurgitated crap of oozing praise without posing any question of its contents. Mind you, this very site is property of CBSi and these layoffs have proved once again critical thinking is not wanted at all.

This is sort of why I've been seriously considering this idea, either in video or written format:

The industry needs some more sophisticated discourse, and this might be a way of forcing it.