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I can no longer tell what's a new feature on Giant Bomb and what's a weird bug.

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Hisao's had the breath scared out of him; Rin's spacing out like a motherfucker; and Sae vaguely disapproves of her circumstances. This makes WAY too much sense.

What the hell is the expression on Nomiya's face supposed to be?

I just looked it up in the resource files. It's a frown. Surprisingly.

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@video_game_king: Narratology is essentially an approach to text analysis that rests on the assumptions of structuralism (but not post-structuralism) utilizing the tools of formal linguistics. Intimidated yet?

Not really. I can probably do some research on how structuralism works and simply get a feel for that. Can't be as bad as deconstruction. I have little, if any, memory of how that works.

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Like if its Batman shooting guys in the face with a shotgun, then yeah thats a valid complaint.

Does punching guys down 100 ft chasms count?

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I'm a literary student and I have to admit, with the number of poorly translated old russian essays I had to read to gain a basic understanding of narratology I wouldn't recommend it to most people, but I'm pretty slow.

Isn't narratology just what any old literature class will teach you, anyway? The mechanics of narrative and whatnot?

Ludology is the mechanics of play. How you interact with a game. Its rules, its goals, the strategies you employ to achieve said goals, etc. Extra Credits and the Angry Video Game Nerd (surprisingly) demonstrate this mindset fairly well.

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The solution for ludonarrative dissonance sounds worse than the problem the term creates. It's hiding what makes ludonarrative dissonance...well, that. The dissonance arises from both the game and the narrative together.

My solution? You shouldn't use the term until you have a basic understanding of ludology and narratology. That might sound elitist, but it's a lot easier than it sounds.

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@flacracker: I don't know if the anime mentions this or not but Kirito and Suguha aren't actually related

I think it mentions it early on in whatever episode this was? I know that they're cousins or something.

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Last night, a strange thought entered my mind: a good deal of Zelda games begin with Link waking up. For example:

  1. Link to the Past
  2. Ocarina of Time
  3. Wind Waker
  4. Skyward Sword
  5. A Link Between Worlds

Why is this a sort-of-trope in the Zelda universe? Is there some mythic reason the writers continually choose this? Is it a type of series in-joke, like the "it's a secret to everybody" thing? Anybody got any answers?

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Part the 十七番目

I'm slowly realizing that maybe I should've led Rin's thread with this song.

"You wanna cut it with the nihilism? That's the kind of thing that me want to slit my wrists."
What's stranger: Babyface getting this close to a fucking dandelion, or one of the people working on this game doing that exact same thing?
"I really thought you were past her."
"Oh, you get a text splash just fine, but I don't?" "YOU WERE SPEAKING."
How compassionate.
"I'm Misha, right?" "Sure, you're whoever you want to be."
Oh....what a sad choice. How's he gonna handle it?
"What ABOUT her?"
Now that's more like it.
Part of Your World, Inner Universe, Pursuing my True Self, Shippo no Uta, take your pick.
"Quite the opposite, actually." ".............." "...Should I apologize for that?"
The note I wrote for this joke was "Little Mermaid Photoshop".
And that resulted in this. Let us all rejoice.
Nope. Can't possibly see how these poses relate to the art club girl.
"What were MY pills doing in YOUR backpack?"
"Why are YOU here, in this class?" ".........Class dismissed. Forever."
"What was I thinking when I decided they would be worth my time?"
And kicks him straight in the balls.
"I want to see you cough the dusty fuckers up."
He gets off on THAT, too!? GODDAMNIT!
"Haven't had a thrill that good since the summer of 86. So many department stores, so little time."
To discuss that dumb name of hers, hopefully.
"Looks like I'm out twelve bucks."
I'm sure it'll work just fine. "No, I don't have ALL her paintings on me, but I DO have these grainy Polaroids of some of her paintings. The crowds will love 'em!"
"...........He's masturbating, isn't he?" "Probably."
What the fuck is he planning with Babyface?
("I hope to high hell he buys that. I don't want to think about what he'd do around a girl like Emi.")
Holy shit, Sae, you look COMPLETELY different from how I remember you. I thought you had an up do.
"This woman is between time itself. My watch has failed me. It must be sacrificed to Chronos."
That sure is a healthy amount of sweat.
"Not this shit again."
Apparently, three screenshots is enough space to solve the "old/not-old" conundrum.
Do I go with the animal joke, or do I rehash the same scanning jokes I made about a month ago? Decisions decisions.
Hisao's had the breath scared out of him; Rin's spacing out like a motherfucker; and Sae vaguely disapproves of her circumstances. This makes WAY too much sense.
I swear, if it isn't the fucking death penalty...
He's making this all too e-

And then there's all this weird shit.

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Scrolling/page depth is measured because it's basically tied to what's known as placement (i.e. literally where an ad is positioned on a website). It's principally the reason why long form articles aren't put on an entire webpage in full and instead subtly divided up into "page 1 of x", because at the bottom of each page is, you guessed it, space reserved for ads. It's also why the most obnoxious/expensive ads are at the top of a page, because that's usually the first thing you see when a page loads.

I also imagine this is why lists are so damn popular: they're very easy to split up into those annoying "page 1 of X" formats that requires me to click through an entire goddamn list.