100+ things you have learned playing Super Meat Boy

#1 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2300 posts) -

1.Poop are Brownie's.
Thats a good start! Bring it on!!

#2 Posted by TheCappuccinoBandit (268 posts) -

2. I can cut my thumb with my nail from pressing down on the D-pad too hard.

#3 Posted by JJOR64 (19109 posts) -

3.  Never trust a fetus in a Doctor suit.

#4 Edited by firewrkninja (228 posts) -

4. Meat is to be rubbed up and down walls and jumped through the air, not eaten.

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5. Always be running

#6 Posted by CaptainObvious (3001 posts) -

6. I am never going to beat that game.

#7 Posted by eldiax (632 posts) -

7. Spikes are not your friends.

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#9 Posted by Legend (2665 posts) -

9. Magnet can repel meat.

#10 Posted by Joelteon7 (98 posts) -

10. I'm a masochist.

#11 Posted by aurahack (2330 posts) -


#12 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5827 posts) -

meat explodes when it comes into contact with salt

#13 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

13. Amazing 2D platformer games go for just $10 these days.  Pretty good deal.

#14 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

14.  Those that unlock The Kid are godlike.

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15. apparently, some woodland creature knows medical techniques to reverse decapitation.

#16 Edited by Lavapotamus (199 posts) -

16. You don't truly overcome an obstacle until you conquer it within an inconsistently demanding time requirement

#17 Posted by TheDukeofArgyll (100 posts) -

17. You can prolong the onset of 'platformer's thumb' by right trigger running

#18 Posted by csl316 (10052 posts) -

18. Everyone Meat Boy encounters has terrible things happen to them.

#19 Posted by LadyShayne (134 posts) -

19. Meat Boy is a cold blooded smotherer.

#20 Posted by Smokay (523 posts) -

20.If you get Bandages you unlock characters

#21 Posted by OutOfBounds9000 (2300 posts) -


#22 Posted by Eristocrat (440 posts) -

21. If you go off screen you're dead.

#23 Posted by amoremono1 (128 posts) -

22.  Meat dies when it comes in contact with blood, or other meat for that matter

#24 Posted by VirtualAthlete (89 posts) -


#25 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -

24: The X button on my xbox controller can and will get jammed down if i hold it in for too long

#26 Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan (442 posts) -

25. Even while on the verge of death, it is imperative to flip off your enemies.

#27 Posted by stiftnuersel (5 posts) -

26. If there's blood on the wall, Meat Boy has already finished the level. Before you. With A+. Loser.

#28 Posted by beej (1674 posts) -

27 having your game not save is the most frustrating thing ever.

#29 Posted by Kyelb22 (294 posts) -

28. Being a boy made of meat gives you the ability to respawn the exact second your face plows into that furiously spinning blade.

#30 Posted by Wyld (278 posts) -

29. People apparently really liked when Alex said, "Always Be Running," on the bombcast
#31 Posted by sharma55 (457 posts) -
#32 Posted by buhssuht (436 posts) -

Some levels are not meant to be cleared on your first try

#33 Posted by Tru3_Blu3 (3281 posts) -

31. YA! SHIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiinnn.

#34 Posted by amoremono1 (128 posts) -

32.  I miss the kind of games I grew up with more than I thought!

#35 Posted by Dilenger93 (42 posts) -

That I have a minor fetish for pain, and frustration

#36 Posted by Skald (4370 posts) -

Tofu makes you weak and annoying.

#37 Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan (442 posts) -

36. Meat Boy loves Bandage Girl. 
37. Bandage girl loves Meat Boy. 
38. Nobody loves Dr. Fetus.

#38 Posted by Dalai (7113 posts) -

39. Meat Boy is vulnerable to salty hate.

#39 Posted by fallaciousPsychologist (27 posts) -

40. You don't have to touch the pointy end of the spike to die.

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#41 Posted by Zaccheus (1813 posts) -

42. You can hit Meat Boy's head to a spinning blade forever just to realize that with an another character the level is a piece of cake.

#42 Edited by NekuCTR (1663 posts) -

43. Dead Meat Boys hold a grudge against living Meat Boys.

#43 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

44.some developers dont feel the need to screw day one buyers or charge a ton for DLC

#44 Posted by afrofools (1338 posts) -

45. Sliced up meat can be cute.

#45 Posted by CptChiken (1987 posts) -

46. you can stop on a dime if you stop moving, but if you want to change direction you have to slide an annoying amount that gets you killed regularly.

#46 Posted by shady520 (6 posts) -

46. I hate everyone and everything now

#47 Posted by Trebz (487 posts) -

47. I'm not nearly as terrible at video games as I thought I was... but I'll still never beat this game.

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